New Gwent Expansion Set To Release In December For Free

In a recent announcement, CD Projekt Red revealed that Gwent: The Witcher Card Game will be receiving a fresh new expansion this coming December 8. So far, the free-to-play card game has seen about five other expansions, and each one focuses on various aspects found within the universe of The Witcher.

Gwent played a big role in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, as fans could play a round or two with various NPCs if they got too tired of doing the main quests. Since the game was so well-received, CD Projekt Red decided to create a full free-to-play game based on the mini-game.

These days, there’s a variety of digital card games to choose from across multiple platforms. However, Gwent is undoubtedly one of the most unique ones out there, as it has separated itself from the gameplay mechanics of the highly-popular Magic: The Gathering.

Not only that, but CD Projekt Red has also used the structure of Gwent as a basis for Thronebreaker, which is a spin-off game that highlights Queen Meve and her story. There are other Witcher tales developed by the studio as well, serving as expansions to the main franchise.

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Now, CD Projekt Red has announced Gwent’s sixth expansion on the game’s official website, along with a brand-new expansion trailer. Scheduled to release next month, the Way of the Witcher card set will primarily focus on the mysterious Witchers and their origins.

The set will have 70 new cards in total, featuring 10 cards per faction along with a new keyword and 10 neutral cards. These neutral cards can be used no matter the faction.

The cards found within the expansion will contain some of the most renowned Witchers in the series, as well as the sorcerer Alzur who was responsible for first creating the monster slayers.

Way of the Witcher will truly spice things up for the card game, as it will feature new playstyles depending on the different Witcher schools available. Upon launch, the new expansion will be available for all players and they can download it for free.

That being said, the new cards will come in booster packs. Although, those who want booster packs that only consist of cards from Way of the Witcher will be happy to know that those will be on offer too.


In addition to that, CD Projekt Red also has pre-order deals available. These deals will provide players with a new game board, the ability to gain instant access to the Alzur card, additional boosters, and so much more.

Ever since its introduction, Gwent has remained unique and addicting all while standing out from the rest of the digital card games available. At the same time, CD Projekt Red has continued to work hard to ensure that the meta doesn’t get boring by releasing new expansions such as Way of the Witcher.

Without a doubt, Gwent is a great game to play to pass the time. Fans of The Witcher series or of card games, in general, should definitely check it out if they haven’t already.

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