HedgeStone Assets is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange that has been in operation for a couple of years. It allows users to buy a wide selection of cryptocurrency tokens, ranging from industry giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum to a slew of altcoins. Staking, leverage trading, and futures contracts are some of the other tools accessible on the market.

Its trading fees are competitive, and it accepts a variety of payment methods, making the entire process of getting started with crypto investing much easier.

Who Is HedgeStone Assets Aimed at?

Due to local banking and cryptocurrency rules, HedgeStone Assets is not available everywhere. This trading platform is designed to be user-friendly for those who are new to digital asset investing. The high-end look conceals the intricacy of what’s beneath, providing advanced traders with everything they need to develop and manage their crypto assets in one spot.


HedgeStone Assets comes with lots of handy features. These are the most noticeable ones:


Users can also stake on HedgeStone Assets, and staking is a great way for anyone to get the most out of their investments. This gives the tokens more utility, so they don’t just sit in the HedgeStone Assets account doing nothing. Users can receive rewards on top of their holdings and expand them even more by compounding future rewards once assets are staked on HedgeStone Assets.

Margin Trading 

Users can leverage or borrow up to 5x their account balance to place more trades with HedgeStone Assets’s margin trading options. Investors can borrow up to $500,000.00 on the exchange.

When trading on margin, users must be cautious because they are more vulnerable to larger gains and losses. It’s not a good idea to try it if someone is a newbie.

Fantastic Customer Support

HedgeStone Assets provides exceptional customer service, which is an area where many huge crypto exchanges fall short. Many other exchanges are too big to attend to individual user needs; therefore, any problems are sent through an automated bot that responds with programmed responses and links to web articles.

On the other hand, HedgeStone Assets offers live chat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is incredibly attentive. Users said that they tried out their Live Chat, and they were immediately greeted by a live person. They were really helpful, kind, and even had a sense of fun. Many applaud HedgeStone Assets for its commitment to excellent customer service. If users would rather prefer to make a phone call or send an email, those are both alternatives.

Advanced Charts and Tools

HedgeStone Assets provides a free professional trading terminal called HedgeStone Assets Terminal, which features highly customizable charts. Users can use numerous chart styles, overlays, indicators, and drawing tools to analyze every market on [Broker_Name].

Additionally, users can configure the price, volume, or special technical analysis notifications in their browser, and their trades and orders will be displayed directly on the screen. Another important feature is the ability to open orders right on the chart or see a user’s previous trades. As for seasoned crypto traders, the HedgeStone Assets Terminal is a must-have feature.

Is It Safe?

HedgeStone Assets is a dependable, secure, and trustworthy crypto exchange that is entirely committed to protecting users’ finances and privacy, with significant security measures in place to prevent asset theft and the loss of personal information.

95 percent of digital assets are kept offline in air-gapped, regionally distributed cold storage, and its servers are housed in guarded cages with armed observation 24 hours a day, seven days a week. HedgeStone Assets is a secure exchange that provides financial stability, full reserves, strong banking ties, and the highest legal compliance standards.


Essentially, HedgeStone Assets is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange because of its extensive features, ease of use, excellent customer service, and top-notch security. This is a perfect exchange for everybody, whether they are a rookie investor, an institutional client, or an experienced day trader, because it supports over 120+ cryptocurrencies and additional services like staking, margin trading, futures trading, and OTC desk.

One minor issue of HedgeStone Assets is that it doesn’t have as many coins as larger exchanges. Many think this is a major deal because HedgeStone Assets offers many of the most popular coins, and it regularly expands its inventory of cryptocurrencies. Also, HedgeStone Assets offers outstanding 24/7 customer care via Live Chat (phone and email are also available). Contact HedgeStone Assets if you want to learn more about it.

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