Cosmetic butt enhancements have become increasingly popular over the course of the past ten to twenty years, along with the growth of social media influencers and celebrities showing off their juicy backsides. Although there are many cosmetic procedures and even do it yourself home remedies that claim to increase the size and strength of your hips and butt, not all of them work.

Many reputable plastic surgeons offer minimally invasive butt injections as well as other procedures to enhance the backsides of their patients. Skinly Aesthetics is one of the many medical centers that offer such treatments, and are particularly common in larger cities such as New York. In addition to being available at medical spas, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments also save patients the pain and complications that can come with a surgical procedure. Injectable butt enhancements are extremely popular.

However, there are other enhancements such as Brazilian Butt Lifts which can also be injectable, that require surgery to remove excess fat from other areas of the body, which is then injected into the patient’s butt. There are also butt implants and treatments to grow your gluteus muscles, to tone your butt. To help you choose the right option for you, here are some details about each treatment.

Silicon implants to increase the buttocks

Silicone butt implants have been available since the 1960s and 1970s. They are FDA approved and are surgical implants that are placed directly beneath the gluteus muscles for an instant butt enhancement. They aren’t as commonly used in the United States as the other options that are available for butt enhancements but are still seen on some patients.

These treatments often look less natural making these traditional butt implants accomplish the look that many people are trying to avoid. Modern medical advances have made it possible for buttock enhancements to be less invasive and more natural-looking than butt implants.

The procedure involves placing a silicone butt implant under the gluteus muscles for an instantly larger backside. The entire process can take several weeks to heal and plan ahead and can be painful particularly after the treatment is complete. Butt implants can be very durable but should be removed when they are no longer needed or desired.

They typically wear off over the course of about 10 to 15 years and even once they are removed, your butt will never be the same or look the same way it did before the treatment. There are medical options available that can help you remove scarring and care for your skin after the procedure.

More about the Brazilian Butt Lift

The Brazilian butt lift, which involves injecting body fat from one area of your body into your butt, is very popular. Depending on the amount of fat present, the areas where the fat is taken may include the abdomen, waist, arms, and thighs. A liposuction procedure is necessary to remove fat from these areas.

The fat is removed and injected into the buttocks to give you a fuller, more sculpted butt. The treatment area may take up to one month to fully heal. You might experience discomfort, pain, bruising, and redness for up to a month.

With this treatment, you can reduce the size of your waist and enhance the size of your butt at the same time. This can help you get a bigger butt and a more toned body. This procedure has a downside. You don’t know how your fat will settle. Even after two years, this can result in a lumpy or unsymmetrical body.

Sculptra Injections for Non-Surgical Butt Lift

Sculptra can be used to give your butt a lift and enhance its size using an injectable solution that gradually enhances the size of the treatment area. This non-surgical procedure can be used to enhance your backside in a less invasive way using no surgery. You will need to inject several vials throughout the treatment process.

The Sculptra Butt Lift injectable enhancement stimulates your own collagen production, which causes your butt to grow over time. It is made up of Poly-L-lactic acid which is naturally produced by our bodies. The extra collagen wraps around particles in the treatment area that typically would break down and prevent them from being broken down.

The treatment area will expand and grow over the next one to two months. Sculptra is the best choice for those who want a plump and natural-looking backside without having to undergo a surgical procedure. Unfortunately, Sculptra can be expensive and may require several sessions, depending on your budget. Sculptra is a popular option for a butt enhancement because it doesn’t require surgery and produces amazing results.


CoolTone uses electromagnetic energy (EMG) to contract your muscles. CoolTone can also be used to increase your buttocks and thighs. You may need to have several sessions to achieve the best results. Three to four sessions per week is recommended for three weeks. Talk to your provider about the number of sessions required to achieve your ideal goal. CoolTone won’t necessarily increase your butt size. CoolTone will instead strengthen your buttock muscles, giving them more definition, tightness, and lift. You can use this alone or as part of a complete butt enhancement procedure.

Vacuum therapy

Vacuum therapy is the application of a vacuum applicator on your butt. Vacuum therapy is said to increase blood flow to the glutes and act as a massage to reduce cellulite, stimulate lymphatic drainage, and increase blood flow. You might notice a toned backside and less fat. This sounds great, but it won’t increase your overall butt size or reduce the amount of fat surrounding it.

While lymphatic drainage might make your butt look more toned, it will require several sessions per week to maintain the results until your butt is back to its original condition. Lymphatic drainage does not affect cellulite, so don’t be fooled. The above-mentioned treatments will give you a true boost to your butt, but unfortunately, this one should be skipped.

There are many ways to enhance your butt, some of which are more effective than others. It is best to consult a qualified physician with experience in this area. Before you make a decision to do anything, ensure you only visit reputable clinics that have board-certified doctors.

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