The world of mixed reality is just getting better day by day. Mixed reality refers to the blend of physical and digital worlds alike, unlocking everything about natural and intuitive three-dimensional human, computer, and environmental interactions. 

One of the most highly anticipated products in the field of mixed reality is Apple’s mixed-reality headset. You’ve got the Oculus from Meta and the PlayStation VR2 from Sony. For Apple, it is their upcoming mixed-reality headset expected to be unveiled during the WWDC 2023 event this June. 

This will be Apple’s first headset, a virtual-reality-slash-augmented-reality (VR/AR) headset designed to be a precursor to Apple Glass. Apple Glass is also among the company’s upcoming products, designed like regular glasses but with lenses with built-in displays capable of interacting with gestures. 

Apple’s upcoming mixed-reality headset is undoubtedly a big deal for the company, so thousands of its employees – including executives, marketers, and engineers – are diligent in working with it. The days are getting closer to the headset’s launch, so it is just apt for these people to work harder. It’s crunch time.

In one of his recent “Power On” newsletters on Bloomberg, Mark Gurman, an award-winning journalist who covers Apple news, has shared a list of the top executives involved in the device’s seven-year journey. 

One of them is Mike Rockwell, overseeing the engineering of the product, from hardware to software to services. He has also been in charge of the product and has led its development beginning around 2016. He has helped create the vision for Apple’s upcoming headset.

Also on the list is Apple’s chief operating officer, Jeff Williams. Williams is responsible for the design and in charge of the team, including the human interface group, who have worked on the device’s overall vision. He also manages the product’s manufacturing which is internally believed to be the most complex product the company has ever designed. 

Gurman also revealed Dan Riccio, Rockwell’s boss, who has worked on the headset for the last two years. After Riccio comes Rockwell’s senior lieutenant, Paul Meade, who is in charge of the hardware engineering for the product.  

Surprisingly, Jony Ive is also on the list. He is no longer with Apple currently, but he has lobbied for the headset to have a portable base station-less design, a smooth transition between VR and AR, and an outward-facing display for others to see the user’s eyes. 

Also on the list is Greg Joswiak, Apple’s marketing chief and one of the greatest proponents of the headset on the company’s executive team. He is unlikely to follow the same approach that Meta does for its headsets. 

The rest of the names on the list are Phil Schiller, Kim Vorrrath, Frank Casanova, Johny Srouji, Jeff Norris, Geoff Stahl, and Shannon Gans.

Are you excited about Apple’s landmark mixed-reality headset?

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