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If you are renovating an old restaurant or are new to the world of restaurants, you must be going through a lot of stress, problems, confusion, and questions right now. Don’t worry, this is part of any restaurant renovation process, and your stresses will soon vanish once your bigger decisions are made and finalized. Meanwhile, we are here to help you today with what we are sure is one major stress of yours right now.

Yes, you guessed it right. Today, we are going to guide you on finding the right modern restaurant seating and making a worthy investment in it. If you are here, you might have been advised by someone to incorporate restaurant booths in your eatery. Well, that is a great piece of advice for sure. But, how can you find the best restaurant booths with no prior experience of buying any?

Don’t worry, today we are going to take you step-by-step through the process of finding excellent restaurant booths for your space. Just take a deep breath, exhale, calm yourself down and start reading our guide. We are sure that by the time you reach the end of this guide, you’d surely be confident enough about your restaurant seating decisions and can easily find the most suitable one for yourself. So, let us get into this right away:

Do Some Research And Decide on A Booth Style

Yes, the first step to getting anything for your restaurant’s interior is to read about it, search for it on the internet, and go for a market survey if possible. Since restaurant booths are a bit contemporary and recent, chances are you don’t have enough information about how many styles are available in these and what are the pros and cons of each booth style.

Different booth styles also correspond to different layouts and you might need to see what your particular eatery space allows and what it doesn’t in terms of layouts. The more you read about different booth styles and layout tips with booth seating, the easier it would get for you to decide on a particular style.

Also, do not get overwhelmed by the wide range of knowledge that you need to accumulate for this step. Do not rush through the decision either. This step will take your time but once you are clear on a style you need, the later stages get pretty easy.

Do The Math

Even when you have picked a specific booth style, you cannot expect all such booths in that style to fit in your eatery. This is because all booths have different widths and heights, and you need to order a booth set in a size that corresponds to the eatery’s space.

So, in this step, you have to chalk out the seating arrangement on the restaurant’s floor and see how many booths and tables you would like inside. This helps you define a specific width and height for each booth and then you can proceed confidently with your bulk order.

Decide On The Fabric

Next up, you need to decide the upholstery that will give your booth seating its look. This is a tricky part because there are so many colors and fabric options to choose from. Some go for leather while others prefer padded velvet. Some colors look good in one fabric while trashy in others. Plus, now restaurants have a theme and color palette to follow, and all of this adds more to this already complicated step of making a very impactful decision.

But, we have a way to make it easier for you. You remember your market survey in the first step, when you are in it, you might as well take good notice of all the fabric and color options that look good to your eyes. This lets you easily take inspiration from others and make a quick decision with fewer risk factors.

The colors you choose must correspond to the overall interior of your restaurant and should also be good enough to last long. Do not be a miser here and always go for the highest quality upholstery to make sure that your booths can stand the test of time and last as long as they are meant to.

Find A Supplier

There will be so many people in the local furniture markets, claiming that they make the best restaurant booths. Do not fall into their trap. Rather, do your research and ask around for references of those who do this work the best.

No doubt, making a restaurant booth bench when you have the right measurements is not a hard task for anyone who knows their craft. But, you still need to find a professional who knows their job and is good enough to work with.

Ask them to visit your eatery for a final round of measurements and then let them evaluate the things for any mistakes that you might have made. They can give you some valuable suggestions too based on their experience and that is surely a great thing for any restaurant owner.

Wait And Clean The Place

Now, while your booths are in the manufacturing process, you need to show some patience. Here, the task is to wait while you make sure not to disturb the supplier as they do their job. Instead, you can ensure that the place where you need to fix the booths is neat and is cleaned properly every day. Work on other restaurant interior details, get the tables made and do whatever else is possible in that time. You can also arrange for the tables that you will be putting next to the booths. You can also arrange cushions and any other details that you might want to add to the booths.

Soon, you will end up with fully functional restaurant booths, hosting your customers in all glory. All the best with your fresh interior and setup!

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