Daycare accidents are, unfortunately, quite common. This usually happens because the children are not under proper supervision. A reason for this could be that daycare personnel is sometimes limited, which means that it is difficult to oversee a high number of children simultaneously. In this case, the daycare center is at fault for not adequately allocating personnel or accepting too many children. Another reason for daycare injuries is the staff’s negligent behavior.

Providing an unsafe environment and being careless is not permitted, and the daycare center should be held responsible in this situation. Some of the most common daycare injuries are as follows:

  • Cuts, bruises, and scrapes;
  • Falls, broken bones;
  • Burns;
  • Choking or drowning.

If your child is a victim of any type of injury while at daycare, it is evident that you feel worried and angry with the center’s lack of attention. So, here are the steps you need to take if your child is injured:

Seek medical assistance

First and foremost, your child’s health is the top priority, and it is of the utmost importance you seek medical assistance to check their condition. Even if the injury appears superficial, it is crucial you do a complete health check-up to ensure the child doesn’t have any wounds or injuries that are not so easy to spot.

File an incident report

When the daycare facility is at fault for a child’s injury, it is required they announce the parent immediately after the accident – regardless of who was responsible for the accident. However, this isn’t always the case. When you find out about this, it is vital you file an incident report and get a copy of it. This is especially important if you haven’t been notified right away and suspect the facility is trying to avoid taking responsibility.

Get all the facts right

If you have any suspicions and the daycare center is not giving you too many details regarding the accident, you might want to get all the facts right. This can be accomplished by asking various employees, teachers, and caretakers. If your child is old enough, certainly you can ask them as well, and perhaps they could point you towards a supervisor who could give you more information. Plus, some daycare facilities have video surveillance, in which care you or the police can request one.

Contact an attorney

With the evidence gathered – witness statements, visual proof – you are adequately equipped to file a compensation claim for personal injury on behalf of your child. Professional attorneys specializing in daycare accident in Houston can help you build a solid case and support your decision to file a compensation claim. Plus, while the evidence gathered by you can be extremely helpful, professional attorneys in daycare injuries can collect proof more easily.

Keep all the bills

Any medical bills, transportation expenses, and, essentially, all the financial and emotional distress resulting from the accident can support your compensation claim – to which you are entitled and will help you take better care of your child.

Medical treatments can be costly, depending on the nature of the injury, so it is crucial you keep all the bills to ensure you get as much compensation. The amount of money you receive will help you cover all these expenses and focus solely on treating your child’s injury.

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