Out of all the factions on StarCraft 2, the hardest one is Zerg! Zerg comes on board with some of the most unique and amazing features that many factions fail to offer. This is the huge reason why we do not see many professional players playing the Zerg in the game.

With the unique design and concept, StarCraft has managed to make Zerg one of the favorite sides as well as the hardest one to use. However, the game has also done a great job in maintaining a balance between the Protoss and the Terran. To win a battle, the Terran and the Protoss use air and ground units with tech.

The setting of the game is incredible. The story depicts Zerg as feral alien beasts who are meant to kill and infest plants. The mere nature and instincts of Zerg make them the common enemy of the Terrans and the Protos. In addition, this is why Zerg was shown as a hostile side in the first game.

Then came StarCraft 2 in the picture. The new game brought in the new and bright side for the Zerg. The main motive of bringing Zerg in an advanced form in the new games is to enhance Zerg and its units under Sarah Kerrigan (The Queen of Blades). Under the rule of Sarah Kerrigan, Zerg will be considered a grave threat to Terrans and Protoss.

The new and enhanced versions are the reason for the huge rise in the number of Zerg users. In addition, the recent IEM Katowice Major witnessed a huge rise in Zerg users. In fact, a Zerg user in Riccardo ‘Reynor’ Romiti won the tourney.

To know more about the Zerg, you must know that it has only two strengths that are super easy to use!

Brute strength

It is known that the Zerg depends on the heavy damage. However, the units of the side can easily deal with a ton of damage. Zerg can literally wipe out a whole base without a hassle, from the very Zerglings to Ultralisks!

This is yet another reason why Zerg became so popular among the players in no time. However, good things do not come free! The players have to face a challenge considering the economy. The Zerg eats a lot of Vespene gas in the training. The players have to find a balance of maintaining the amount of Vespene gas. In some cases, many players use quick attacks instead of waiting for Zerg to prepare its best units!

Vaspene gas is an extremely hard resource to find and collect in the game. Probably the reason why Zerg needs it to expand its units.

Strength in numbers

One of the biggest strengths of Zerg is the huge number of units they can produce. The StarCraft considers Zerg as a “Swarm” for a reason! This is very much clear now that they play and win with numbers.

With the help of speed and quick damage, an army of Zerglings can finish an entire base! It is suggested to come up with a lot of Zerglings at the beginning of the game, as it is even easier! Most of the players create a huge number of Ultralink.

However, any kind of mixture does not matter in the game. What matters the most is the number of units that can easily get a win for a Zerg player. This reason is enough to say that Zerg is definitely dangerous during a battle. There is definitely no chance of winning against a Zerg swarm.

It is true that playing Zerg is hard, but if you are familiar with the strategies, then no one can take a win from your hands.

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