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Running a business is no easy task. What’s more, running a startup business. It has been said that some of the challenges startup business owners face are fierce competition, unrealistic expectations, hiring the perfect candidates, decision-making in partnerships, financial management, cybersecurity, and winning the customer’s trust. We think you’d agree if you are a startup business owner reading this. 

But beyond those challenges, a startup entrepreneur may face another hurdle: the capacity to build their networks. Technology company Dell Inc. is helping these entrepreneurs bridge the gaps so that they can network better. Read on for more details of this news.

Dell for Startups 

Dell’s first solution for these startup business owners is Dell for Startups. Dell for Startups provides startup expertise from dedicated technology advisors from Dell, as well as scalable solutions to ensure their business is always geared up for growth and development. 

But there’s more to Dell for Startups than it meets the eye. Aside from expert advice, entrepreneurs can also access exclusive discounts on new Dell products and innovations. This way, startup owners can invest in the best scalable technologies they can use to grow their business, such as speedy servers, custom hardware, and client systems. 

Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network

Many of today’s startup entrepreneurs are women, and they, too, encounter challenges along the way. Dell is always ready to help, which is why it created the Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network (DWEN). 

This network has been empowering women entrepreneurs to build their businesses. DWEN members belong to a global community of women founders and small business owners who regularly conduct inspiring conversations, and share their know-how and skills through this network. 

With DWEN, female small business owners can scale their companies as they connect with others. The network also provides a wide range of learning resources on topics like marketing, funding, technology, sales, and so much more, helping businesses thrive. Plus, what’s even more remarkable is that DWEN membership is entirely free.

To date, the network has reached over 91,000 female entrepreneurs worldwide, and Dell spends more than $3 billion each year with women-owned, minority-owned, and small businesses.

There you have it. Are you ready to scale up your startup with Dell?

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