Esports is no longer a niche hobby. Their recent inclusion in the Asian Games shows that the skilled and talented players who make them happen are finally getting the recognition they deserve. With that comes revenue, and it is finally possible to make a living from playing video games. In fact, it is now even possible to make a lot of money doing it. Below, we explain how the esports industry and its teams make money.


Aside from team wages, most money in esports comes from sponsorships. This is not only for items and products you would expect either, such as gaming peripherals or after-market products. Red Bull, Vodaphone, Nike, and Mastercard are some of the high-profile companies that have recently put their name towards events.

This works very in very much the same way traditional sports sponsorships work. Teams will offer to be shirt sponsors or do deals with individuals to wear or use certain products. In some instances, they may endorse these through advertising and receive affiliate links that they provide to fans.


Merchandise is another way esports teams and players can make money. Teams have their colors, logos, and designs. Many people are eager to buy clothing with this on, just like people would buy a basketball jersey or soccer shirt. However, a team does need to have a certain level of following to achieve this.

Streaming and Social Media

Finally, another way money can be made is through online streaming and content creation. Most teams and individuals will use Twitch as their channel of choice, as it favors gaming streams. However, many use YouTube and several high-profile creators have made the switch, usually getting a sizable payout from YouTube for doing so. As their videos get watched and played back, these creators are paid for advertisements placed in the videos. They can also use this to promote other opportunities that may have arisen, such as sponsorships and affiliate links.

Added Value

Of course, it is not only the esports teams that benefit. Many other sectors have benefited from the industry’s explosion in popularity. The online gambling industry, particularly sports books, has made a huge profit as they begin to allow esports games to be bet online. As this form of betting opens into new states and countries, profit grows along with the popularity of esports. Many sites, such as BonusFinder, rank these sites based on several factors, such as safety, ease of use, and their welcome bonuses. Allowing betting on everything from sports to esports and even entertainment events, a chain of employment and revenue is created. To learn more about these sports book operators follow the link.

There are also many universities and colleges now offering full-time courses about the economics of esports. As these bring in pupils, it is also added source of income for educational establishments. Proof of this is in the esports leagues they have organized, and the number of places putting serious money into facilities.

While all these points are ways to make money, esports is no golden ticket. It takes hard work, practice, and a lot of luck to get where the professionals are today. If you want to join them, then it may be time to dust off the controller and get to work.

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