Video games were invented in the 60s but gained traction in the 80s. They spiked an entire generation to act and feel differently. Millennials born in the 80s were the first to enjoy this mesmerizing world of video games and alternate reality.

The first games were different from what they are today. Generation Alpha, the latest one already deeply involved in gaming, will never know their parents’ struggles. Today’s generation enjoys fast internet speeds, outstanding storytelling, flawless graphics, and even virtual reality games.

The beginnings were modest but revolutionary

In the beginning, things were entirely different, and today’s gamers can’t even comprehend the differences. For example, one of the most popular games of all time, Pac-Man, had a size of only 24 kilobytes. Compared to today’s average size of games above the 4-gigabyte mark, it’s really astonishing what game developers have achieved.

Various game providers worldwide competed for that top position and will release the best game. Gaming was new, uncharted, and exciting. It was like nothing people ever saw before. There was a lot of skepticism too, and parents of children in those days considered video games to have a negative impact.

Arcade game parks were the main attraction for kids. Not everyone had a console at home, and games were not available as they are today. Arcade machines had one game available, and everyone had to wait their turn. No, there was no internet back then, and no one could even understand the meaning of online gaming.

Graphics were extremely poor if we see them from today’s perspective. All games were pixelated, but since kids then didn’t know anything better, it was spectacular for them. Many games didn’t even have plots or stories; even if they did, no one really knew about them.

A revolution happened in the early 2000s

As technology progressed in the new millennium and with the broader acceptance of the internet, games grew to another level and became iconic. The millennials who were just born when video games appeared were now adults. They helped with the growth of video games and the gaming industry in general.

With the internet adoption in all homes, the multiplayer option got another dimension. Split screens went into history, and everyone had a computer at home that allowed them to play through the internet.

All games transferred from cassettes and diskettes to CDs and Blue Ray discs. The enormous storage available on these mediums allowed developers to create masterpieces. They developed games with thick storylines, enormous amounts of different characters, and numerous gaming options, and the graphics went through the roof.

Fast forward to today

Fast forward to today, gaming is entirely different. Aside from flawless games, technology provides various options and broadens the entire gaming industry. Gamers can instantly download new releases or older games for premium prices through GG.Deals or some of the other platforms, and never worry about availability.

Gamers are also not considered outlaws anymore. Gaming is an enormous industry; some guys and girls earn serious amounts from tournaments. The e-sports culture is growing rapidly, and gamers are considered professional athletes.

Technology is also changing how games are played. Aside from the multiplayer mode available through the internet for nearly two decades, games are now entering a new gaming realm – the web3 ecosystem. Games are going into the metaverse, where virtual reality is entirely different from the real world.

Everyone’s eligible to be part of this world. Gaming started with arcade machines, continued with gaming consoles, got adopted by PCs and laptops, to now available on tablets and smartphones. With over 7.26 billion smart items worldwide, you can say that everyone is eligible to be a gamer.

Many gaming platforms provide discount prices on games, and with the right promo codes, gamers can get their hands on any game for a fair price. If you enjoy gaming, you have various options to do it.


Things changed in the past 30+ years, not just in gaming but in all segments. The world has seen the fastest technological advancement ever, which inevitably affected gaming. Being a gamer today is entirely different, but we’re lucky to have the opportunity to live in some of the most exciting times in gaming history yet.

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