Today, environmental impact sits at the forefront of priorities for businesses globally, which is why printing practices are being placed under scrutiny. For instance, with managed print services (MPS), companies are provided with a means of reducing their energy consumption, paper usage, and general environmental impact.

MPS are comprehensive solutions that work to manage a company’s document requirements. With MPS on the side, businesses are able to bolster their efficiency, reduce wastage, and ultimately improve their printing infrastructure. Essentially, MPS work to provide businesses with greater control over their printing processes and make more informed decisions overall.

To that end, detailed below are just some of the ways in which MPS can help your business go green.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

First things first, MPS can eliminate the need for travel, which can assist a company in reducing its carbon footprint. This is because MPS providers facilitate electronic document sharing and can establish technologies like video conferencing. As a result, employees are provided with a platform to collaborate remotely, meaning they no longer need to travel long distances for meetings and other forms of collaborative work.

The Establishment of Recycling Programs

MPS can be a driving force behind other eco-friendly initiatives, such as recycling programs. This is because MPS providers can take a collaborative approach with companies in order to recycle printing-related materials, such as paper and toner cartridges. Consequently, waste is minimized, and a more sustainable business model is created in the process.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Naturally, MPS promote the use of digital documents, which is a huge factor in businesses reducing their environmental impact. Instead of endlessly printing documents and searching for somewhere to store them, they can be stored and shared electronically. Not only does this minimize paper usage and wastage, but it also means that fewer resources and less energy are required to print, store, and even transport physical documents.

Reduced Energy Consumption

It goes without saying that large-scale machines, such as copiers and printers, consume a significant amount of energy. With MPS, though, sleep modes can be implemented, which results in the machines powering down when they’re not in use. As a result, a number of businesses are replacing their outdated machines with newer and more energy-efficient devices.

The Tracking of Printing Usage

One unique aspect of MPS is that they enable companies to track their printing usage at a Print Shop. This tracking can be carried out by assessing individual users or separate departments. Consequently, businesses are provided with a platform upon which they can identify potential areas of reduction. For instance, employees might be encouraged to print double—sided or other printing policies might be introduced to eliminate any unnecessary printing and wastage.

Reduced Paper Wastage

Last but certainly not least, MPS significantly reduces paper wastage. As previously mentioned, MPS encourages double-sided printing in addition to a number of other technologies and tools. These tools assist with tracking and making suggestions on how to reduce paper consumption and, consequently, waste.


All in all, MPS provides companies with endless benefits from an environmental perspective and beyond. From improved efficiency to reduced costs, the advantages are endless, putting the control of printing in the organization’s hands. When it comes to improving sustainability within a business, the potential of MPS can’t be ignored. In fact, printing practices need to be among the first things to undergo assessment. So many companies are driven by documents, meaning they play a huge role in how an organization establishes itself as an eco-friendly establishment.

Paving the way to a greener future for businesses means partnering with an MPS provider.

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