The public certainly loves their smartphones. Since the first smartphones came out around 2006-2007 we have not been able to get enough of them. We demand more and more out of these devices every year, and now people even want to play all of their favorite gambling-related games from those phones as well.

Many factors have helped increase the popularity of mobile poker over online poker. First, the rise of mobile phone availability and mobile phone usage means not only do more people have smartphones, but they are also spending more time on them. Additionally, an increase in data plans allows individuals to spend more time on their mobile devices both at home (on wi-fi) and on the go when using data.

Finally, the rise of all mobile games has helped mobile poker games grow. The mobile gaming industry is estimated to be valued at $50 billion and continues to grow. Mobile poker games are a huger player in the space and are now one of the most streamed of all mobile games. In addition to these macro factors, there are many reasons why consumers are flocking to mobile poker play.

Mobile Gaming Is Growing

Part of the rise of mobile poker play is due to the overall rise of all mobile games. Mobile gaming is a trend that has been growing for several years. It is estimated that the average American plays 3.6 mobile games a month. And, in 2017 over $6.9 Billion was generated in mobile gaming alone. Live streaming of poker on a mobile device is also picking up which will only grow the mobile gaming base. Expert estimate that nearly 64% of Americans will be regularly playing a mobile game in 2020.

Mobile poker gaming is definitely on the rise, but the exciting thing about it is that it is just beginning. The sites behind these mobile apps have a lot of investment still to do in mobile gaming, and they are just getting started. Most have made their mobile gaming site an offshoot of their main website, but most of their new resources are going towards mobile gaming as they find more and more players appreciate that.

Today’s Generation Plays For Real Money

There have always been plenty of free online poker games available to the public. These were largely games played for tokens or small prizes (where allowed by law). However, times have changed now, and it is easier than ever for players to compete with one another on mobile poker games for real cash prizes.

Players can log in to one of the many poker sites that they enjoy and see if that site offers a mobile version of itself. The vast majority of them do anymore, and this means that more players than ever get to have the poker action that they crave right on their smartphone.

States Opening Up To Legalized Online Poker Rapidly

States are quickly opening up to legalized online poker. One-by-one states have been opening up their laws to allow for legalized poker. They do this because they know that there is a lot of tax money that can be collected from plays that enjoy the online poker action.

Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware have thus far opened their doors to legal online poker, and many other states have begun to follow suit including West Virginia which may open online poker in 2020. They have finally opened their eyes to the reality that many people will play these games regardless of their legality, and that means that the states ought to go ahead and collect on some of that revenue.

Tech Advances Are Helping Poker Apps

Another reason poker gaming is taking off is that it has benefitted from technology advances. Newer and newer technology has blurred the line between online gaming and playing in real life. Better streaming and video options have brought the excitement and energy of real play to an online community.

Additionally, new technology is presenting more ways to play poker on a mobile device. While poker was once only thought of as a game played over hours, mobile devices now allow for more ways to play. Customers can now play a short cash game session while on the bus to work or waiting for an appointment. Technology also allows for long-form games played with people across the world.

Finally, while televised poker tournaments once brought large audiences, more and more people are tuning in to live streaming poker games. Poker is among the most live-streamed games in the U.S. and quickly growing across the world. Both novices who want to learn the game as well as seasoned pros, tune in to watch people play poker via live-streamed on their mobile devices. Live-streams also help one of the disadvantages of online poker playing- missing body signals and facial expressions. Live-streaming on mobile devices solves this problem and can bring real-life experience online.

Unregulated Sites Use Mobile Gaming Too

It is true that even the unregulated gambling websites in the United States use mobile as a big way to draw in more people than ever to their websites. They understand that this is the way that things are moving, and they aren’t about to stand aside while some other website makes money that could have been theirs.

People marvel at the speed of technology and how fast the world around us is moving. It certainly is impressive. The gambling industry is among the earliest adopters of the newest technologies on the planet, and they are a good place to look to for what the next chapter in the technology story will be. They stop at nothing to make sure their customers are taken care of, and providing those customers with mobile gaming is simply a no-brainer for them.

Poker is leading the world in mobile gaming. Riding the wave of growth for all mobile games, poker is uniquely positioned to take advantage of the rise of mobile devices, streaming, and other technologies which will help it continue to be a leader in the gaming industry. The experience between playing poker on a mobile device and in real life is continuing to be more and more similar which will continue to help it grow in popularity.