Battle royale games have been out for quite a long time and they are also very popular since the beginning of their launch. It was sort of a new game mode for everyone where everyone will be deployed into the same match but the last man standing will win. Battle Royale is very exciting and almost every player enjoys it. In this article, I will be giving tips about Apex legends, which is the most played battle royale right now. I’m sure you all already know how Fortnite works.

The main aspect of the game is building and if you aren’t good in that aspect, you might never win. So, you have to practice a lot. Warzone is a very aim-dependent game because there isn’t any other aspect that you can focus on. The aim should be your priority on getting good at. Not everyone is given good aim, many people practice daily and improve their aim to win. Only, you can improve your aim.

Apex Legends is also a battle royale game in which movement matters a lot and if you aren’t good at that, other players will be killing you in every lobby. Apex Legends also has different champions you can use and each one of them got different abilities. You won’t have all the champs from starting, you will have to unlock them with apex points or apex shards.

Apex points are something you can buy from the in-game store with real money whereas apex shards are collected through levels up and apex packs. Each champion costs 12500 shard or 750 apex points. Most people prefer to buy them with apex points, also known as apex boosting, because it takes a lot of grinds to unlock every champ. It can take you up to a month to unlock every champ or maybe more if you don’t play that much.

However, the apex is a game that will take you ages to get good at because the movement in this game is very hard and not everyone can master it. If you want any apex pros, they’ll tell you how long it took them to master the movement of the game. Don’t get discouraged if you keep losing because if you have the motivation and desire to learn, you will be able to master the movement in no time. Make sure to read this article till the end for some amazing tips you can use to win at Apex Legends.

A lot of people are also hacking in apex legends because they want so badly. Lavi cheats provide the best Apex Legends hacks you’ll ever use. Their hacks can not be detected by the anti-cheat system Apex uses. It will easily bypass their anti-cheat system and will allow you to get easy kills with aimbots which results in some free wins. The aimbot will be 100% secured and even if you get banned which is something that won’t happen. You can get the hwid spoofer which will give your computer a new identity with which you can create a new account and play the game.

You can use the hwid spoofer for every game you get banned at and as a matter of fact, you should use this beforehand as it will help you not get banned. The anti-cheat system won’t be able to detect the hack allowing you to use hacks and cheats freely.

So, if you’re looking for some easy wins, make sure to go to lavicheats and get yourself an Apex Legends aimbot where your aim will directly be targeted to the enemy in front of you. You will only have to press ADS to aim and the computer will directly put the aim on that player. You will simply have to shoot and boom you’ll kill him.

Follow these amazing tips and get good at apex legends:

Land fast

Mastering how to get a good drop is important. You have to beat other players in landing if you want to kill them. This will happen in every game that a person will land with you and steal the gun from you and kill and prevent that from happening, you need to master your landing. You can check out some videos on how to perfect your landing.

Loot quickly

Looting in this game should also be done quickly and never stay still when opening a box because if someone is already targeting you, it will be very easy for them to take you down as they won’t have to aim. They will only have to press the trigger button and you’ll get melted.

Practice movement

As we talked about above, movement is very important in this. You’ve probably encountered some players who are very good with their movement and it becomes impossible to aim at them because of how much they jump and move. This is how you should play because if a person can’t aim at you, you will have a much better chance to kill him. You should play octane if you want to practice movement. His ability will give you some movement speed for a little time and in that period, you can practice slides, tapstafre, and other movement-related stuff.

Good positioning

When fighting from a far range, good positioning is very important because even if you get flanked, you’ll have a good cover to deal with the flanker too. This is why you should never fight in the open because you can get flanked from every direction.

Learn abilities

Every champ has different abilities and ultimates. If you’re aware of their abilities, you can go into the training mode and check them out. And try to stick to one or two champs only because if you keep playing different champs, you might get confused about what your ability is mid-fight.

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