If you are struggling to find ways to reach new customers with your CBD gummies for pain and other symptoms, you may just need to beef up your internet marketing strategy. While business is booming for CBD, there are thousands of brands on the market, and your competition is vast. Not to worry, though. You just need to double down on some basic digital marketing concepts. Time, effort, and savvy, will take you a long way in the CBD industry.

Solidify Your Branding

When someone goes to your website, you have about 15 seconds at most to make an impression. Even though almost everyone is a potential customer, you need to narrow your scope to catch individual audiences. People will stick around on websites they identify with, and most successful CBD gummies brands capture the personality of one or two specific niches.

With CBD Gummies, Content is Everything

Google puts restrictions on paid advertising, and ingestible CBD products are currently banned. In order to get your product in front of as many people as possible, it needs to show up in organic searches. The best way to make that happen is to post as much content related to your brand as possible. Think about who your target audience is, and create content that they are likely to search for.

Write a Series of Blog Posts

The FDA is currently promising litigation against CBD edible brands that make unsubstantiated medical claims. This means that your brand’s retail website cannot specifically tell people that CBD gummies will help with any of the symptoms they typically take CBD for. Even CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, fitness, and sleep are off-limits.

You can, however, write plenty of blog posts about the benefits of CBD that scientists are researching. Your internet marketing strategy should focus on addressing the specific uses your target audience may find important. Keep your content informative, useful, and interesting, for better search engine results and conversion rates.

Build a Social Media Presence

Social media platform rules regarding CBD are constantly in flux, so make sure your account follows them to avoid getting penalized or shut down. The rules vary from platform to platform, requiring regular research to stay up-to-date wherever you have a presence. Regardless, social media is one of the most valuable ways for you to develop hype around your product.

In addition to varying rules, social media platforms have varying audiences. Here, we will focus on the three major platforms that have the potential to expand your audience and get people talking about your brand.

1. Facebook

This is the standby for Gen Xers and Baby Boomers, so this is where you want to focus your marketing if these are the people you are trying to reach. As of the time this article was written, Facebook does not allow paid advertising for ingestible CBD products, but topicals are totally fine. Focus on creating content that helps people understand CBD and its benefits, link back to your blog to drive people to your site, and get people engaged by posting questions and surveys.

2. Instagram

Millennials and older Gen Zers are the most prevalent populations on Instagram. This platform is known for its highly engaged users, so building a presence here is akin to building a community full of relationships. Instagram’s mostly visual format requires that you have a good eye for aesthetics, so you may want to spend some time looking at the most popular accounts as well as your competition.

3. TikTok

While some TikTok users may be too young for CBD, the average age of people on this platform is 16-24. TikTok is the fastest-growing app right now and has a lot of potentials to get people excited about your brand. TikTok is an all-video platform, but the videos need not be completely polished. In fact, the most popular TikTok videos have a sense of realness to them, and they are only 15-60 seconds long. The main goal of using TikTok for your marketing should be to get your audience engaged and laughing.

Create Video Content for Your CBD Gummies Brand

YouTube is an excellent place to start. You can create content as long or as short as you want it to be, and it is an excellent way to really showcase your brand. The most popular videos are 3-5 minutes long, but how-tos, question and answer, and behind-the-scenes videos can be longer. Use this space to show viewers the personality behind your brand.

Embed Videos into your Website

Search engines love video content, and they also base part of your website ranking on how long people stick around. Remember the 15-second rule mentioned earlier? This is one way to keep visitors on your site for longer.

Embedding YouTube videos set to play automatically helps your website on two levels. People will stay to see what plays out, and if they click on your video to see more, you have garnered another visit to your YouTube page as well.

Final Thoughts

People all over the country are taking CBD gummies for pain, anxiety, and lots of other symptoms. The restrictions on advertising can make it a bit of a challenge to reach potential customers, but they will come looking for you. You just need to create the content they want.

The key to success is knowing your audience as well as you know yourself, creating content that caters to them, and using social media for all its worth. Do your research to make sure you are within the guidelines for every platform you use and get people talking about your brand. With some time, effort, and a bit of marketing savvy, your CBD business is sure to be a hit.