Games: the only picture that comes to our mind is a form of entertainment and fun. But who would have thought it to be something educational? Not me! 2022 surely has been changing so many definitions lately. With more than thousands of gamers displaying their best gameplay videos on social media platforms, it has become a work of art. 

However, to record a game video, you would require a good online tool that facilitates recording with high sound and video quality. In this article, we are going to introduce you to an excellent online tool that will make recording game screens easier and handier. 

What Does It Take Record a Game Video? 

UniConverter is a uniquely designed recorder that helps you to record video in HD quality. It excellently balances system audio and voice. No matter if you are a professional game streamer or an amateur trying your hands with it, UniConverter will serve both of your purposes. It gives you options to choose between full-screen recordings and custom screen recordings, and you can set it up as per your preferences. With UniConverter, you can record videos with webcams and screens simultaneously. Additionally, you can also switch screens while recording. 

How to Record a Game Video With UniConverter? 

Recording a game video gets easier than ever with UniConverter. It records everything from webcam, audio, full screen, custom screen, and picture-in-picture within a few clicks. However, doing it on devices such as Windows or Mac may seem a bit complex. If you are facing any similar difficulty, then do follow these steps to record a game video as per your designated devices. 

How to Record Game Video On Windows? 

To record a gameplay video on windows, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open the Screen Recorder

Firstly, download and install the UniConverter application on your PC. Then, switch to the app and search for the ‘Screen Recorder’ option. Tap on it. 

Step 2: Tailor Your Screen Recording Approach 

With UniConverter, you can tailor your screen size and ratio to capture. You can choose among recording options, such as whether to record with audio or not. Additionally, you can add a logo or mosaic if you please. Then, click on the ‘Rec’ button to start the game screen recording.

Step 3: Edit Your Screen Record Video

Tap on the ‘Red Stop’ icon to end your game screen recording. Lastly, edit your recorded video using UniConverter video editing tools. And done, you can upload your game screen video on social media platforms. 

How to Record Game Video on Mac? 

UniConverter offers an excellent recording facility for Mac too. Follow the below-mentioned steps to access the screen recorder and video converter for Mac:

Step 1: Choose Screen Recorder For Mac

Launch the UniConverter application on your Mac device. Now, look for the ‘Screen Recorder’ option on the main window of the app. Click on it. 

Step 2: Set Up Your Preferences

As you click on the Screen Recorder window, a small toolbar gets displayed. This will allow you to customize your video as per your preference by selecting or opting out of the designated areas. 

Step 3: Start Your Game Video Recording on Mac

Then, begin your game screen video recording journey just by clicking on the ‘Rec button.’ A three-second countdown gets displayed to prepare you for the recording.

Step 4: Finish and Edit Your Recording

To end your video recording screen, tap on the Red icon. As the recording ends, you get directed to the UniConverter app, wherein you can give the final touch to your video using its video editing tools. 

How to Record Game Video on is another best recorder tool that offers users to capture screens in just one click. Follow these simple steps to get started with your game recording journey. 

Step 1: Select Your Recording Mode 

Download and install the app on your device. Now, choose the ‘Screen Recording’ or ‘Screen & Camera Recording’ option to get started with your screen recording journey. 

Step 2: Customize Your Recording Screen

Next comes the customized settings options. Herein, you can select settings as per your interests. Then, tap on the ‘Start button to start capturing the screen. 

Step 3: Edit And Save Your Recording 

Once done with the recording, click on the Stop button to end it. Then, tap on the ‘Add to Timeline’ option to edit the recorded video. Lastly, save or download the recorded file. 

Pros and Cons of UniConverter

UniConverter is an excellent online recording tool that offers recording unlimited videos on Windows and Mac devices. It provides a hassle-free way to record games, movies, and even live-streaming videos in the background while browsing other websites. 

Moreover, one can screen record, webcams, or capture any desktop applications in HD quality. Users can also edit and add effects to the recorded video easily and handily with it. However, the app is not entirely free. It requires users to pay a minimum amount to access some premium features. 


UniConverter is a free video converter that can be run on Windows and Mac devices. It can be used to record game videos seamlessly within a few clicks. Moreover, you can also edit the recorded videos, add effects, add or remove watermarks, and much more accordingly, making it a more convenient option for streamers. 

The tool becomes handier as it offers high-definition recording of webcams, screens, and other desktop applications. One can also add subtitles, compress, convert, and download videos easily with it. So, given the specialties, this tool is a great option to rely on when searching for a tool to record game screen videos in 2022. 

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