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Virtual receptionist service is a perfect outsource solution for business owners that covers the majority of customer-related responsibilities. Although they are primarily known for their answering service, they are not limited to it.

You can delegate some other duties to your virtual receptionist, including replying to emails or communicating via your company’s on-site chat, scheduling appointments, and providing immediate response to customers’ problems and complaints.

Introducing helpful services to your company is always associated with additional expenses, which may not be suitable for small businesses. But below, you will find some examples of how a virtual receptionist can indeed save money and allocate time for expanding your business.

Price per Call

Virtual receptionist pricing may vary depending on your business needs. Still, as a rule, specialists are being paid for the number of handled phone calls, not hours, which makes them more cost-effective than hiring a full-time in-house receptionist.

You can also pay your virtual receptionist only for the hours you need them or, conversely, establish 24/7 customer service support with their help. It will allow you to manage your business hours even if your company has branches in different time zones.

Training Costs Excluded

If you decide to use a virtual receptionist service to hire one for your business, you will get more than just an answering service for your business. First of all, such services provide comprehensive onboarding processes alongside professional training for their employees, so as a result, you will get an experienced customer support specialist.

Most people who work in virtual receptionist positions, even on a freelance basis, have vast customer service experience or have worked in the call center, meaning they already know how to deal with customers of any sort.

Virtual Office

Virtual receptionists work remotely, so there is no need to expand your office space or, in the case of a small business, rent one. Also, concepts like virtual office allow you and your employees to keep remote work productive from the most convenient locations and minimize long-term lease overhead. Virtual offices are significantly less expensive than physical ones and provide you with other virtual assistance technology on-demand, including answering services.

You will also be able to cut costs of commuting and save time on driving to work. Small business owners and startup founders find operating a virtual office highly beneficial. They provide them with a physical address and office-related functions and software but eliminate any possible administrative tasks.

Virtual office services also enable you to increase employment opportunities, meaning you will not be limited to hiring people among the locals-only and can start looking for the right team members across the country. Such an approach allows you to grow your business and build a larger team without gradually increasing office rental costs alongside.

Work-Life Balance

Virtual receptionist’s purpose is to take on all the mundane tasks to free up some time and mind space for you to develop your creativity and focus on new projects. Running a business on your own or even with a limited number of team members frequently results in getting stuck in answering customers’ emails and phone calls routine without an ability to move forward.

At that point, it is crucial to determine which tasks are the most time-consuming and to start delegating them! It will indeed help your business grow in different directions, exploring new approaches to your target audience, setting new, higher business goals, and reduce time spent on repetitive duties.

Moreover, many business owners, especially in the early stages of running a business, experience increased stress and anxiety levels and lack of sleep, not to mention quality time with friends and family. The presence of a virtual receptionist will allow you to allocate some time and money on your personal achievements, not necessarily connected with work.


Using a virtual receptionist service can bring different benefits to your company – from improved employee productivity and employment opportunities to high-quality customer support, which, as a rule, leads to an increase in sales. Besides, it has a positive effect on exhaustible resources, such as time and money, that are priceless for small businesses.

Virtual receptionists become responsible for day-to-day duties, freeing up more space for you to work on improving your company’s product or offer, and eliminating expenses on commuting or renting an office or training new employees. Thus, you can reduce unnecessary costs for small businesses as well as expand your team and company without being linked to a strict, physical location and maintain a remote but comprehensive functioning.

The main advantage of a virtual receptionist service is the amount of free time that it allocates for you. Just make sure to use it wisely!

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