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Terrible back pain, dehydration, dry skin, headaches, lack of sleep, and jet lag for the entire day… Yes, long flights can be a true nightmare. Unfortunately, many of us are ready to deny great opportunities to travel in fear of long-haul flights. Well, no more! Although these experiences can get challenging, it’s no reason to skip the benefits of travel altogether.

There are ways you can prepare yourself for long flights. Overall, you just need to come prepared. It takes experience to know what you need to pack on a plane and how to approach a flight before getting comfortable on your seat. Fortunately, you can use the wisdom of the Internet to help you survive long-haul flights. Here are six steps you should do to nail every long flight you ever have.

Book the right seat

So, before everything else, you should think of your seating in advance. Way in advance. You should jump on the first opportunity to book a personal seat as soon as the airline allows customers to do so. Now, the question is which seat will be the most convenient for a long flight? Well, it partly depends on the type of airplane you will fly on. Yet, there are several tips you can use every time you get to book a seat.

First, you don’t want to sit anywhere near the toilet. So create a buffer zone of at least 4-5 rows away from toilets and don’t book a place there. Second, right away get rid of all of the middle seats, because, well, they are the worst. There is no secret about it. Now, see the back rows of every section on a plane? Cross them out as well. Those seats do not recline and you will be stuck there in one position forever.

If you are a tall person, you may prefer the first rows of every section since there is more room to stretch your legs. However, you should remember that these seats do not have any storage place for personal belongings. Moreover, those tv screens or tables are often not in the best condition. No one wants to risk a flimsy table when setting a laptop or a cup of hot coffee.

Next, if you want more room for yourself, you can have a chance of getting it. Due to standard flight regulations, airlines fill the first section of a plane before reaching to the second section. So, there is always a chance you can get a full row of seats just for yourself when booking in the last section. Hence, it will be less crowded and easier for you to rest.

Finally, all you are left to do is to choose an aisle or a window seat, depending on your preferences (and how comfortable you are at asking people to stand up so you can go to the lavatory).

Give your body a boost

So, you need to get ready before the flight the day ahead of it. First, you may hit the gym, do some good full-body stretching at home, or, at least, enjoy a really long walk around the city. Get your body the exercise it needs to be in better shape for tomorrow. Also, don’t refuse your body a good rest. The next day will be exhausting, so take all the rest you can have the day before.

Dress comfortable

It’s impossible to overestimate the role of comfy clothes during your journey. Choose clothes that are both comfortable and practical. You don’t want to have pressure marks on your tight jeans or bra on the skin. Those things will start hurting you pretty soon into the flight. You also don’t want to be all wrinkled when you leave a plane.

Layers of clothing can also be a great option. The temperature on a plane is often inconsistent. Also, bring a scarf with you. You can wrap it around you when it’s chilly. it will protect your neck and chest from dry cold air and make you extra comfy. You can also use it as a pillow.  Thus, you will be prepared for anything.

Always take food with you

Nothing will spoil your mood faster than hunger. It’s scientifically proven that people, when hungry, become more irritable and anxious. You don’t want that. As soon as you feel the first sign of hunger or stomach rumbling, you are already too late. Bring healthy snacks with you and keep them close. Get some nuts, crackers, fruits, or biscuits. Having something you like from home will help you feel more comfortable.

By the way, dehydration will cause similar mood swings to one caused by hunger. You will start to get worse, anxious, and may suffer from headaches. All of that can be fixed with a glass of water. So don’t be shy to ask your flight attendants for some water every now and again. Staying hydrated will significantly improve your overall flight experience.

Stay calm

The worst you can do on a long flight is to let your emotions get the best of you. Getting angry, annoyed, or miserable for the entire flight won’t help. So do your best to avoid that. Bring earplugs, a sleep mask, or noise-canceling headphones if you need them. Don’t forget a neck pillow for a better sitting position. Meditate if you need to find your inner peace again. Do your thing to stay calm and relax during the flight.

Bring some entertainment with you

Last but not least, your entertainment choices can be the most important step in surviving your flight. A good book can make the flight go completely unnoticed. A few interesting movies will make you forget you are hanging there far in the sky. So take as much as you can on the plane to make your time there worthwhile.

Also, it’s best if you avoid work stuff in a place. Allow this time to be a reward for you. A brief moment where you can forget all the troubles on the ground. They can’t reach you here. If anything, you can always find a good professional essay writer or project assistant to help you with any homework or projects you need to complete. But this is your rare chance to be with your thoughts, relax, and engage in leisure activities like reading a good novel.

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