The World of Warcraft Classic TBC expansion will be launched soon. After the expansion is online, players need to choose a server between two servers (Burning Crusade Classic Progression Realms or Classic Era Realms). And of course, you can choose to stay both in WOW Classic & WOW Classic TBC, and you can also clone your WOW Classic characters to Classic TBC. Many players still don’t know what server selection is and how to transfer a character to TBC. Let’s give you a detailed introduction.

Choose to stay in Classic TBC or Classic Era

Starting from the day before the patch goes live, players will have the opportunity to make a choice for each existing WOW Classic Character. Will the character join the “Burning Crusade” (the highest level is 70) or stay in the Classic era (the highest level is 60). If you choose the latter, you need to download a new client through the desktop application before you can play. And when playing WOW Classic TBC, TBC Classic Gold is the essential element for you! Each character can be unlocked once in “Burning Crusade” or Classic Era for free. If you want to use the same character in both “Burning Crusade” and Classic Era, you can choose the paid “character clone” service. If you log in to WOW Classic for the last time before the patch goes live, the default option of the desktop application will be “Burning Crusade”. If you want to join the “Burning Crusade”, you must select this option.

How to Clone WOW Classic Characters to TBC?

If you want to keep your original character both in TBC Classic & WOW Classic, you can use “Character Clone” service to achieve your goal! You can only use Clone service after you make a choice for the character in another game. For instance below, you can see the character “Thuata”, who has been already unlocked in TBC. When you install and log into WOW Classic gameplay, you will see Thuata listed and is greyed out.

Character Thuata

The text below Thuata will show “Clone Available”. And a clone icon will be displayed next to Thuata. Hover the mouse over the Clone icon, and the explanatory text will appear. If you click the Clone icon, a confirmation window will pop up and display more information. It will display the character’s “clone” date, including all the progress of the character on that date. Click “Continue/Accept” to jump to the store screen, enabling you to purchase character clone services. After completing the payment, you can play Thuata on WOW Classic.

Character Clone service purchase

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