If you love watching IMAX movies in cinemas, you will love this great news from HP. Actually, you will never have to spend time traveling to moviehouses just to watch shows on IMAX. 

An HP laptop lineup has recently been launched that lets you watch the same, taller, 1:90:1 aspect rato footage usually presented in IMAX movie theaters. Impressive, right? Talk about super convenience.

Presenting HP’s Envy x360.

The company has just announced upgrades to its prominent Envy laptop, including the Envy x360. The HP Envy x360 laptop is a 15.6-inch convertible laptop and the world’s first IMAX-enhanced PC. 

The HP Envy catalog, sometimes stylized as HP ENVY, refers to a line of consumer-oriented and high-end laptops, desktop computers, and printers manufactured, marketed, and sold by HP.

The recently unveiled Envy lineup also includes laptops at 14 inches and 17.3 inches. The latest 13th-gen Intel Core processor powers all these three computers.

HP making history

Do you ask about their features? Read on. The 15.6-inch and 14-inch Envy laptops are 360-degree convertibles. Meanwhile, a traditional clamshell configuration is featured with the more sizable 17.3-inch laptop. 

Basically, HP brands these laptops as devices for content creators such as writers, on-the-go workers, and other users who need a laptop that is both powerful and portable. 

But perhaps the greatest feature offering of these HP products is the IMAX Enhanced technology present in the 15.6-inch Envy x360. This lets you watch IMAX-quality shows, and you read that right, typically only previously accessible when you go to movie theaters, right from a laptop.

But there’s a catch

However, there are limitations. Despite the laptop’s upgraded technology, users can just watch select content on Disney+. Well, for now, at least. That means, yes, you will need to subscribe to Disney+ and be a fan of Marvel movies which are, so far, only the content in this IMAX-ready device. 

Nonetheless, the features are fantastic. With the IMAX-enhanced technology, the black bars you usually see at the bottom of your TV or laptop, otherwise known as letterboxes, will be smaller and less intrusive. 

Its IMAX-enhanced technology feature also includes DTS:X audio, an audio type that lets sound move freely around the listener, so you are more immersed in the film you are viewing. 

Other specs, pricing

As for the rest of the features, both the 15.6-inch and 14-inch Envy laptops have upgraded processors, screen-to-body ratios, and cameras. They also boast auto lock and wake capabilities to keep your usage private. Both laptops have 16GB RAM.

If you want more storage, such as if you are a serious gamer or a professional video editor, choose the 17.3-inch variant. This HP Envy laptop also generally shares the same features as the first two. It has 32GB RAM.

As for the pricing, the 14-inch laptop starts at $850 and is available for order from the official store of HP. The 15.6-inch laptop is yet to launch this month with a starting price of $950. For the Envy 17-inch laptop, meanwhile, you will have to wait a little bit. It launches this May with a $1,150 price tag.

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