Hyper Scape Reveals Winter Festival Celebratory Event

Now that December is finally here, most video games are hopping into the holiday spirit such as Killing Floor’s Christmas Crackdown event, Pokemon Go’s holiday events with winter-themed Pokemon and rewards, and a lot more. Now, fans have a glance at what Ubisoft has prepared for Hyper Scape this month.

A few hours ago, the publisher of the game posted a new trailer for Hyper Scape detailing its upcoming Winter Festival event which involves new skins, emotes, weapons, and music. The trailer adopts the holiday spirit with an effervescent and lively tone it takes with the heroes the winter-inspired environments, and even its music. The trailer itself is brief but somehow displays the celebration of Christmas in the game.

The Hyper Scape Winter Festival event trailer is mostly full of animations of the characters participating in a few holiday-related activities to classical music by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker. The characters are seen dancing, jumping, and skating with a quick shot of one drinking hot cocoa on a snow-filled balcony.

There’s even one character snowboarding and another jumping for joy before they get to the real action. As the trailer reaches midpoint it begins to showcase battles with all the chaos of the game’s fast-paced gameplay.

It begins with the robot nutcracker riding a snowmobile at extreme speeds before the craziness ensues. Characters are firing at each other with state of the art miniguns, rifles, grenade launchers, and more. However, the fun was quick before the trailer ends on the Christmas event launch date which is from December 15 to December 29.


The trailer mostly displays Christmas and winter-themed skins for Hyper Scape’s characters, and a new vehicle for players to enjoy. Players can look forward to the event in the futuristic battle royale. This new trailer comes hot off the pot of Ubisoft’s recent update, which introduced crossplay to Hyper Scape last week.

This update came as part of a major plan by the developers to revamp Hyper Scape. The new automatic crossplay feature is intended to make matchmaking between console players standard going forward. However, PC owners can only participate when invited by other players through the game’s friends list.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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