The gifts of quantum technology are presently being used across various sectors worldwide, such as in secure communication, healthcare, disaster management through better predictions, imaging, and so much more. The demand for quantum technology only calls for more data centers to house it.

On Tuesday, the Big Blue unveiled its plans to open its first-ever quantum data center in Europe. According to IBM, this data center will open this 2024 in Ehningen town in Germany, providing businesses, government offices, and research institutions with access to quantum computing. 

This first quantum data center in Europe is also expected to offer several IBM quantum systems equipped with utility-scale quantum processors. It will be situated at IBM’s facility in the German town and will serve as the company’s cloud region in Europe after its quantum data center in New York. 

“Europe has some of the world’s most advanced users of quantum computers, and interest is only accelerating with the era of utility-scale quantum processors,” said IBM Quantum vice president Jay Gambetta. 

Gambetta added that this quantum data center and associated cloud region will give those people in the continent a brand-new option as they look into tapping the capabilities of quantum computing “to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems.”

This is not the first time though the company made a move concerning quantum computing. One of its initiatives for the technology was unveiled last month when it announced a decade-long $100 million partnership with the University of Chicago and the University of Tokyo to build a supercomputer centered upon quantum technology and powered by 100,000 qubits.  

With that partnership, IBM will work over the next 10 years to advance the underlying innovations for this system, and design and construct the necessary components at scale. 

Arvind Krishna, IBM’s CEO, spoke about this matter. He said,  “Over the past several years, IBM has been at the forefront of introducing quantum technology to the world. We have achieved significant progress along our roadmap and mission to globally establish useful quantum technology, so much so that we can now, with our partners, truly begin to explore and develop a new class of supercomputing anchored by quantum.”

Currently, IBM’s Quantum Network has over 60 organizations across Europe accessing quantum hardware and software via the cloud. These organizations include Bosch, Crédit Mutuel Alliance Fédérale, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, T-Systems, and more.

“Our quantum data center in Europe is an integral piece of our global endeavor,” IBM’s general manager for Europe, Middle East, and Africa, Ana Paula Assis, stated. “It will provide new opportunities for our clients to collaborate side-by-side with our scientists in Europe, as well as their own clients, as they explore how best to apply quantum in their industry.”

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