Modern business encounters many issues requiring instant decisions and fast actions. However, it’s complicated sometimes to act as rapidly as the situation demands. But video conferencing facilitates this problem and eliminates the related troubles. The iMind video conferencing platform is a great tool for one-on-one meetings and the work of small teams. iMind conferences are also convenient for large business requirements, and in this article, we reveal why this tool is so versatile. 

List of features offered by iMind in the U.S.A.

The platform has many options to offer for any customer. It provides a robust remote communication channel due to the following functions:

  • easy-to-use interface which any user can understand in a couple of minutes;
  • broad limits for the offered functionality (hundred people max to invite, ten rooms max to create);
  • features of high-quality video and noise suppression provide comfortable conditions to talk;
  • displaying several screens at the same time;
  • availability for in-browser or in-app usage, making it comfortable to connect your team with almost any device;
  • conference appointments, which make it easier to plan your working time;
  • recording your online meetings to share or rewatch them later (cloud storage with preview makes it easy to manage your files);
  • setting the limits for the volumes of attendees;
  • letting the participants join the conference after visual authentication that enhances security level;
  • to join the call, you need only the link shared by the person that invited you.

These features are available not only in the United States but in all the regions where you use the platform. The only issue that can cause some trouble is the supported language – for the current moment, it’s only English available. 

Major benefits of using the iMind video conferencing platform

Using, you can benefit from extended functionality, where the limits by subscription change according to the needs businesses of various sizes encounter. Among the core advantages making this platform stand out, we emphasize:

  • the simplicity of use, which saves your time and effort on integrating the software into your work process;
  • reasonable limits allowing people of different professions to use the tool and not overpay for unnecessary or basic functions (e.g., screen sharing opportunities are helpful for both teachers and teams working on a project);
  • individual approach of the iMind team to finding solutions to the users’ issues arising while using the app;
  • advanced functions helpful for businesses aiming to go full-remote or organizing remote or mixed events (recording several conferences simultaneously, live-streaming, online chat for business, etc.);
  • the rapid development of the platform;
  • growing popularity in the USA and other countries of the world.

In contrast to all the other points, the last one is temporary, which makes it a doubtful reason to place it among the advantages. However, the speed of development and the location of growing popularity are self-explanatory aspects, indicating how serious the iMind team is. 

What are users saying about iMind?

People often address the reviews websites to learn more about users’ practical experiences. And this approach is pretty reasonable to consider. So here we’d like to mention the G2 reviews website where the iMind video conferencing tool for companies appears. Nothing is purely perfect, but people appreciate the iMind platform because of its comfortable design and rich functionality. 

In general, it’s worth mentioning that most video conferencing tools try to offer something new or unique to users with growing requirements. It’s a rare case to find a golden mean with all the demands on the market, but iMind managed to balance the offer so that most professionals will be pleased with the platform’s work.

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