Video games have been around for around half a century now. Their history can be traced back to the 1950s when computer scientists started crafting simple games and simulations. Of course, since then they have just kept on getting better. Modern technology has played an enormous part in the advancement of video and online gaming. In fact, developers and online casino sites are always looking for new ways to entice and attract players. The more the traffic is directed to their sites, the more revenue they earn. Keep reading to find out more about innovations in the online gaming industry.

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence has made its way into the gaming world just as it has in many other spheres. On Netflix, you are given recommendations based on the movies you like to watch and it’s pretty much the same in the world of online gaming. Players can now have new games recommended to them based on their likes and interests. AI allows you to receive personalized search results as well. The use of AI-powered chat boxes enables gamers to interact with site moderators to solve their problems or answer any questions that they may have. AI uses strategies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and other machine learning algorithms to deliver a seamless experience. One of the biggest applications of AI in gaming is to boost that in-game support. They can initiate real-time support and deliver voice support in cases of multiplayer gaming experience. Developers are also using AI to improve customer support.

AI is also a key factor in delivering innovative 3D and 4D gaming experiences for consumers. It helps develop natural-looking gaming ecosystems and characters. The character performance can also be enhanced thanks to data processing algorithms. Developers are also integrating AI into non-player characters. That is why we are seeing an overall boost in the gaming experience as a whole. Online games are getting more interactive, exciting, and engaging.

Facial and Voice Recognition

The advancements in technology today allow for systems in games to scan and recreate an avatar that looks like you in the gaming world. These avatars can be made to look almost similar to you and made to copy your facial expressions as well. The Intel RealSense 3D camera scans 78 different points of your face to pick up on your emotions as you play the game. Voice recognition allows you to switch the console on or off, control the gameplay and search the Internet. Gone are the days when you had to pick up your remote to play songs on your playlist!

Live Dealer Games

Today, online casinos have evolved, and they strive to make gamblers feel as if they are playing in a real casino! When online casinos were getting started, random number generators were used to spin wheels or shuffle cards. Real dealers have been brought on board in place of RNGs and can be available whenever you need to play. Gaming studios stream their games from various locations and they have gone ahead to offer multiple camera angles to enhance the realistic feel. These dealers can communicate vocally, and you have the option of replying via the chat boxes. Whether you want to whip out your favorite blackjack strategy or play a game of roulette, online casinos are here to make your experience feel as realistic and as exhilarating as possible.

Cloud Gaming

In the past, video games have been designed to require a lot of disk space. Some games are still too big to be contained by some consoles. Developers have now come up with cloud gaming to curb this challenge. Games are no longer limited by disc space, and gamers can now stream games through the Internet without worrying about space limitations.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual reality allows gamers to be fully immersed in the game world. Players can see objects and avatars as if they are life-sized through the use of VR headsets. This experience is to die for, and many developers today are incorporating VR gaming consoles into their plans. If virtual gaming is not your cup of tea, then maybe you would prefer augmented reality. AR allows you to play games while applying situations to real-life situations. For example, Pokemon Go is a GPS-enabled game that helps you to find and capture avatars known as Pokemon in the real world.

Mobile Gaming

Research has shown that 52% of the world’s population today uses smartphones. These devices are fairly cheap and easily accessible nowadays, and so is the Internet connection. Developers have taken advantage of this fact and introduced a variety of mobile games in Google Playstore. All you need to do is download the games, and you can play them anytime, anywhere on your mobile phone. There also exist gaming websites that do not require you to download anything to play. Over time, these mobile games have evolved, with better sound effects, gameplays, and high-quality visuals.

High-definition display

Players can now enjoy photo-realistic graphics when indulging in their games as opposed to the 8-bit graphics. It is visually pleasing to interact with a game that has high-quality imagery. Ultra 4K has become the standard format for gameplays today. The crisp, bright colors make it seem as if avatars are jumping right out of your screen and into your living room. If you thought 1080p was good, you just don’t know what you are missing.

Real Money Gaming

If you are into gambling, then you will love free money gaming. Developers have put out new games that allow players to stand a chance of winning real cash, and you can find such games in online casinos and websites. However, you have to understand the fine print of the site’s terms and conditions to know how cashing out for the site works.

Wrap Up

We can all attest that technology has made our lives much more manageable and has led to significant growth in the gaming sector. Well, we expect to see more innovations like payment through the use of cryptocurrencies is now becoming more acceptable by various online casinos.

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