Sports betting dates back to the origins of competitive sports itself.

However, this age-old pastime enjoyed by sports fans has not progressed in a long time. With the emergence of blockchain, there has never been a better opportunity to put a new spin on the age-old custom of betting on your favorite team.

Betting will be considerably enhanced with blockchain integration since all bets and earnings will be recorded on a digital ledger, which will be open for public inspection, all without the need for a middleman.

This more transparent type of gambling will provide individuals who place bets peace of mind since they will be able to watch the entire process and will not have to worry about shady activities going on in the background.


Chipz is a sports betting website that allows users to wager on various athletic events and other random occurrences within betting rooms created by other users, with no intervention from third parties.

The platform is fully web-based, and after launch, anybody will be able to engage in betting using the USDC stablecoin. Furthermore, bet payments are insured via smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain that use Solidity’s APK.

Chipz Provides Unusual Betting Capabilities for a Fraction of the Price

Users may book bets on prediction pairings produced by independent bookmakers using the Chipz decentralized gambling platform.

The site costs a little fee to create a book and keeps a tiny share of the winning payments. Profits from the platform are allocated to CHPZ holders and the project’s crew to guarantee that it can continue growing and expanding.

Users join the site by connecting their Ethereum non-custodial wallets — from there, they may place bets through the blockchain.


Users must have CHPZ tokens in order to establish, host, or be a dealer in a betting room. The outcomes of the bets are submitted to APIs scanned by the Chipz platform, and the earnings are distributed using smart contracts.

You may wager not just on sports but also on various other events like political results, video game-related material, and much more. The site allows you to place almost any wager you can think of, as long as it is matched with another user using wallets.

Unlike other sportsbooks that demand a weekly cost for bookmaking, Chipz only charges a $60 yearly fee with no restriction on the number of bets you may place.

The Advantages of the CHPZ Token

CHPZ, the token that drives the Chipz platform, is an ERC 20 utility token listed on the ETHZ. Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Uniswap, Pancake Swap, and many other platforms will be introduced before year-end.

The CHPZ token has the benefit of allowing users to speculate on the token’s value while a bet is active. While bets are live, the Chipz platform also gives a 15% APY staking incentive.

More Information on the Chipz Team


The CHPZ token, which powers Chipz, is based on the Costa Rican cryptocurrency CHPZ. The advisory board includes Jacob Busch of the Anheuser Busch family, Gavin Maloof of the Golden Knights, NFL star Todd Duckett, and Platinum Producer DJ Lethal.

Tezatopia, a popular NFT game, is on the executive team, as is developer Joab Garza, the project’s CTO, and Bitcoin Foundation Member, Justin Lally, Venture Capitalist and CMO of Chipz.

Chipz will offer a novel option for consumers to wager. The platform’s extra features encourage users to put more bets while also conducting large prizes. Chipz will formally launch in December and release its NFT video game, chipzdrive, in Q1 2022.

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