Popular movies and shows come and go, and there’s always something new to pique the people’s interests every year. This year, there’s one South Korean TV series that caught the eye of many people across the globe. The gruesome and bloody hit Netflix series, Squid Game, was all over the news after its release a few months ago for its engaging plot and concept.

Given Squid Game’s success, fans have been seizing the opportunity to gain something out of the growing crypto market. Thus, Squidanomics was brought into the world. Squidanomics combines crypto and gaming into one platform, blending virtual video gaming with rewards you can’t say no to.

With this community-driven project, anyone and everyone has the chance to earn money by just playing games. Squidanomics also plans to implement the metaverse, which is a relatively new concept that has been featured multiple times in headlines for the past couple of months, especially after Facebook announced its rebrand. However, the metaverse isn’t actually that new, as the concept of the metaverse has been around for quite some time.

That said, how does Squidanomics plan on creating a next-gen metaverse ecosystem? Let’s talk more about it below.

Squidanomics ($SQUID) was initially launched a month ago on October 18 by an anonymous team based somewhere between Canada and the US. Essentially, Squidanomics is a reward-based token and, as its name suggests, seamlessly blends together Squid Game’s concept together with incentivized tokenomics.


Squidanomics Features

So, what makes Squidanomics stand out from other play-to-earn cryptos? To put it simply, the platform aims to explore the hottest trends within the crypto space in an effort to surpass and live beyond these trends. The team behind Squidanomics wants to revolutionize NFT utility, as well as offer even more incentives for the holders.

Unlike other projects that typically only add utilities at a later time, Squidanomics already had quite a few utilities that were ready good to go even at launch.

Hold to Play

Since the metaverse is a digital space, everything is essentially a digital asset. Within Squidanomics’ asset-powered space, those that hold NFTs will gain access to exclusive and one-of-a-kind benefits. Not only that, but the team aims to provide an engaging experience like no other. As for NFTs, they offer more than just being aesthetically pleasing. All of Squidanomics’ NFTs are hand-drawn by talented masters of the art.

There are different classes of NFTs that offer different benefits to the players. For example, those diamond hand holders will receive NFTs that give them even more power in the form of power-ups. They can also have a more unique appearance within the metaverse.

Hold to Earn

You can actually earn rewards in BUSD by just holding the token. As a holder, you’ll earn incentives and advantages in the various games as well as earn even more prizes during giveaways. To participate and earn rewards, you have to hold some $SQUID—the more you hold, the more BUSD rewards you’ll receive.

Play to Earn

There are not enough quality play-to-earn games on the Binance Smart Chain at the moment, which is why what Squidanomics offers is so appealing and interesting to many people. Game developers and gamers alike were drawn in.



$SQUID is already live and you can even start trading on Pancakeswap if you want. Squidanomics initially launched with a market cap of $97,000, but now it’s breaking records for itself with a market cap of over $1.8 million. Squidanomics is already being listed on several platforms, including Coinmarketcap, Coingecko, and others.

As for tokenomics, here’s what you need to know:

  • 5% BUSD rewards
  • 5% marketing fee
  • 3% liquidity fee
  • 2% development


This isn’t the first Squid Game-themed crypto to appear, but it’s definitely one of the more promising ones. $SQUID already has a lot to offer, and looking at the team’s road map, it seems that there’s a lot more to come. We look forward to seeing how far this one will come.

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