The IPASON AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 6 Core gaming desktop is giving away 40 percent savings for consumers if they shop this on Newegg.

As stated in the product name, this gaming desktop uses a Ryzen 5 5600G 6-core 12-thread CPU, a CPU that greatly enhances processing efficiency compared with the previous generation. It is also equipped with core AMD Radeon Vega Graphics 7, 16GB dual-channel memory, and 500GB NVMe high-speed hard drive, meeting your expectations and everything you need. This gaming desktop is also a super assistant in the office, a physical plug-in in the game, and a helpful device for home-based education.

Be unstoppable with the unparalleled speed of AMD Ryzen 5000 G Series desktop processors, whether immersed in your favorite games, designing a skyscraper, or crunching scientific data. With this kind of processor, you are always in the lead.  

Moreover, its GPU is based on the Vega architecture (5th generation GCN) and has seven CUs (which is equal to 448 shaders) clocked at up to 1,800 MHz. The Vega architecture offers improvements over the Polaris generation and now supports DirectX 12 Feature Level 12_1.

Get sustained high speed, efficiency, and stability. The reading and writing speed of this gaming desktop has been dramatically improved. Say goodbye to lag and slowness, and speed up by leaps and bounds. Own this gaming desktop today.

Check deal here. Shop this on Newegg right now.

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