Facebook is such a big social media platform today that you can do many things here, not just socializing with your Facebook friends but also doing business with others. One of its features for business is the Facebook Marketplace. Facebook Marketplace is the way to go if you want to buy or sell items. 

Understandably, you might want to do business on or purchase products via Facebook without creating a Facebook account. But is it possible to visit Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account?

Facebook Marketplace Explained

Facebook Marketplace is the social network’s classified-ad section specializing in helping people and businesses sell products locally. Marketplace is regarded as Facebook’s expansion into markets to compete with services like eBay and Craigslist. 

How It Works

The popular social networking platform designed its marketplace to meet demand from both buyers and sellers using Facebook Groups. Anybody can post an item for sale on Facebook Marketplace by creating a listing. All product profiles are public. Meaning to say, your post is visible across Facebook channels and on search engines. 

From the web browser or through the Facebook app, you click on the “Marketplace” icon, which brings up a neatly organized photos grid with a price and location below each photo. Shoppers scroll to find “Suggested Items” or “Today’s Picks.” Or, they can click “Categories” to filter products. 

For sellers, the process is really simple. Pull up the marketplace and tap “Sell.” From here, you can generate a new listing. Buyers communicate on the product profile by clicking “Message Seller” or “Make Offer.” As a seller, you will see the message beneath the “Selling” screen, or you can continue the conversation on the Facebook Messenger app, but this is not required.

Can You Use Facebook Marketplace Without A Facebook Account?

Now we’ve come to your ultimate question. Primarily, Facebook Marketplace is a feature Facebook authorizes. It is like the extension of its services. So, a user should have a Facebook account to visit the marketplace. If you search “Facebook Marketplace” on Google and click on its official website, you will be redirected to the Facebook login page. 

So, if you wonder if you can visit and use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account, the answer is no. There is no way or trick to visit the marketplace without having an account. To be part of this versatile buying and selling platform, you must create your own Facebook account. 


Now, it is clear that you cannot visit and use Facebook Marketplace without a Facebook account. You need to create a Facebook account to enjoy this feature. However, it is unnecessary to have Facebook Messenger since you can perform its functions through the Facebook app too. 

Once you have a Facebook account, there are several features to enjoy on Facebook Marketplace. Just do not forget to keep your account secure. 

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