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If you’re fond of watching free movies online, you’re probably familiar with sites such as Moviesda. This particular site is trendy among people who enjoy watching content online, as the piracy website has a vast collection of songs and movies you can access for free.

For the past couple of years, piracy has become a significant problem in the entertainment industry, mainly because small-time or indie filmmakers have a much harder time earning a living from their movies due to piracy. Whenever websites like Moviesda leak up-and-coming movies to the general public before their official release in theaters, this results in fewer people paying to watch the film at their local cinema.

Of course, some may argue that this seems like a minuscule issue in the grand scheme of things, especially if you think about the various problems happening around the world. However, more piracy means less revenue for the local theaters, putting businesses and livelihoods in jeopardy.

What Is Moviesda?

Moviesda is the kind of website that offers its audience pirated content, which means that the admins behind the site are doing something completely illegal. Moviesda is especially popular for uploading pirated movies in Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam languages. At this point, it seems that the website is a go-to site for many movie lovers who don’t want to spend money going to the cinema.

Another factor contributing to Moviesda’s popularity is its smartphone optimization, making it an extremely accessible website for those who don’t have a PC or laptop. The site has a dedicated section for downloading music at a lower quality to improve download times and reduce memory usage significantly.

Moviesda used to be called Isaimini, and other than Tamil and Tamil-dubbed content, it has a vast collection of famous international and Western films.

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What Movies Will You Find?

As mentioned, Moviesda became famous thanks to its expansive library of pirated movies. The website regularly leaks movies from renowned stars, and some of the more recent uploads include Aayiram Porkasugal, 2.0, Jasmine, Darbar, Petta, and more. Without a doubt, the unofficial release of these movies must have left a dent in the movies’ revenues, especially since Moviesda has an incredibly significant amount of traffic.

What Songs Will You Find?

Moviesda also has a decent collection of songs you can illegally listen to and download. The site seems to have a knack for releasing Hindi and Tamil songs.

Will Moviesda Be Up for Long?

We believe that Moviesda won’t be around for a long time. After all, many countries are doing all they can to fight against piracy—whether it be movies, music, TV shows, or any other form of media. For the past couple of years, law enforcement has gotten even more strict regarding piracy, as they’ve been trying very hard to stop these websites from leaking unauthorized content. 

Because of this, countless sites similar to Moviesda have been taken down, and sooner or later, it will be their turn. In such instances, torrent and free streaming websites change their domain name and domain extension from time to time to try and slow down the legal process. 

This is the exact reason why Isaimini changed its name to Moviesda, as its admins wanted to keep the site up for longer. 

Why Are Websites Like Moviesda Illegal?

If you’re a fan of watching free movies online from piracy platforms, you might not want to admit to yourself that what you’re doing is against the law. There are some instances where we badly want to watch a movie, but we can’t for whatever reason (e.g., it’s not released in your country yet, you don’t want to subscribe to a renowned streaming platform, etc.) 

However, sad to say that streaming unlicensed content online is against the law. According to Jim Gibson, the director of the Intellectual Property Institute at the University of Richmond law school, streaming of unauthorized content breaks the law in two ways. 

When you download a part of a file, this is considered as a copy of copyrighted material, which, in essence, is illegal. This is called “pseudo-streaming.” On the other hand, when you stream movies as something like a “public performance” (e.g., the film is being shown to a significant number of people that are not part of your regular family circle and close acquaintances), this is also considered a copyright violation. 

Of course, that isn’t to say that all streaming sites are illegal. There’s an excellent selection of renowned (and very much legal) streaming platforms out there, such as Disney+, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and more. 

What makes these legal platforms different than the free streaming websites you find online is that the team behind them took the proper measures to get the right licensing agreements. In other words, the content creators have allowed these famous platforms to host their movies or TV shows for their users to watch and enjoy.

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Not only that, but these agreements ensure that the content owners receive the proper compensation. As you may have guessed, free streaming websites don’t have the right to host content, nor do they correctly compensate the creators. 

All they do is take unauthorized recordings of movies or download them from another site and then upload them to another platform. What’s more, the owners of these platforms typically receive money for the high traffic of people accessing their website daily. 

Laws around torrenting or streaming pirated content vary depending on where you live. But for the most part, uploading and downloading movies and shows is typically illegal, no matter where you are in the world. That being said, some countries take piracy incredibly seriously. 

For instance, getting caught torrenting a movie in Germany could have you paying a massive fine of $2000 or more.

Will You Get In Trouble for Streaming on Moviesda?

Aside from getting fined a hefty amount, a recent bill introduced by Republican Senator Thom Tillis has changed copyright law. Thanks to these changes, you could receive a fine of up to $30,000 and up to ten years in prison. Although, this is specifically for those who take financial advantage of pirated material. 

As you can imagine, this is a massive win for the entertainment industry. 


Most content pirates justify their actions by saying that the entertainment industry has unfair or expensive pricing. However, that’s not necessarily the case, especially since several legal streaming platforms offer varying prices for different budgets. For sure, you’ll find a subscription plan that works for you. 

In summary, it’s so much better to pay a bit of money every month than have to deal with legal issues due to illegally watching movies online. 

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