Team Fortress 2, or TF2, is a multiplayer class-based shooter game released in 2007 as a sequel to the Team Fortress Classic game from 1999. It was developed and published by Valve Corporation for gameplay on Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X, and Linux. The game features single-player and multiplayer modes with two major teams, BLU and RED.

To play the game, you must join one of the teams, choose a character class to roleplay, and work with your team to win. It includes team games such as Capture The Flag and King of The Hill. In the video game universe, it seems like an eternity has passed since the release of Team Fortress.

Modern PC and mobile games have the same theme and even improved the formula. With other first-person shooter games offering better visuals, gameplay, and novelty, is Team Fortress 2 still thriving? Is it still relevant? Let’s find out!

How Is Team Fortress 2 Maintaining Its Spot In 2023’s Gaming Scene?

An interesting fact is that Team Fortress 2 was developed by the same company that created Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, which precedes it by five years. Other first-person shooter games like Overwatch and Valorant also owe their success to this title. It’s almost like Team Fortress 2 walked so they could run.

Despite being close to two decades ago, Team Fortress 2 has maintained a dedicated player base and continues to receive updates and support from its developers. What has helped this game remain a household name for so long?

Community-driven Game Economy

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This game offers a community-driven economy that allows players to bet on Team Fortress 2 and trade using in-game items. This is the top feature contributing to its longevity and popularity. In-game economies can be scary, but you must acquire knowledge before getting involved.

Team Fortress 2’s Mann-Conomy was introduced in September 2010, focusing on item trading. Hats, weapons, and metal are assigned specific values and traded between players. The items are acquired through drops which happen every hour of playtime. The drops go to your backpack. The fun part is that the drops are random, so the players get different items.

The in-game items can also be obtained through crafting. Each item has a unique recipe. In Team Fortress 2, you can trade your items for other items, currency, real money, or bet them. The main currency is metal which may be refined, reclaimed, or scrap metal. It may also take the form of keys, earbuds, etc.

Trading for real money is more tricky. You must check the price value on trusted tf2 betting sites before exchanging. Most Team Fortress 2 betting sites feature a good range of betting markets. There are not many Team Fortress 2 tournaments each year, so you need to maximize the ones that hold. Some Team Fortress 2 gambling sites also feature a special type of Team Fortress 2 gambling called Spycrab gambling.

Team Fortress 2’s Features

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Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play game, but this was not the case at its release. When it was included in the Orange Box in 2007, this game cost $50. In June 2011, it became free to play, with in-app items being one of the primary transaction means.

Another iconic feature of Team Fortress 2 is its legendary place in the shooter game genre. The unique blend of class-based gameplay, colorful visuals, and quirky humor has helped it stand the test of time and remain relevant in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

Now, we can’t talk about the features of Team Fortress 2 without exploring the characters in detail. TF2 features nine character classes under three categories: Offensive, Defensive, and Support. The character classes are Soldier, Pyro, Scout, Demoman, Heavy, Engineer, Spy, Sniper, and Medic.

The characters have primary, secondary, and melee weapons. For example, Scout has a scattergun as its primary weapon, a pistol as its secondary weapon, and an aluminum baseball bat as its very dangerous melee weapon.

Classic Gameplay

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Team Fortress 2 features five game modes: Attack/Defend, Control Points, King of The Hill, Capture the Flag, and Payload. Attack/Defend is a timed game in which the BLU team has to capture the RED team’s control points scattered around the map by having a player stand on them for some time.

Control Points game mode has maps with 3 or 5 control points scattered over them. One in particular, the central control point, is the most important, and once captured, go for the other control points before your time elapses. King of The Hill is also a timed game mode.

One control point is up for capture by the RED or BLU team. Capture the Flag is exactly what it sounds like. Each team has to try to capture the opposing team’s flag, represented by an intelligence briefcase in the game.

In Payload, the BLU team has to push a cart to the RED’s base while the RED team tries to prevent it from getting to their base. Team Fortress 2 also features extra game modes such as Arena and Medieval Mode.


Team Fortress 2 may not be the best esports title or the most popular in today’s world, but it has done well for itself over the years. We have Valve to thank for this since a game is nothing without its developer and the regular updates introduced.

Team Fortress 2 has had an update added almost every year since its release. While newer games have emerged since 2007, this game remains a beloved classic among gamers and will likely stay this way.

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