Buying a second-hand or used car can be overwhelming, especially if you do not have the mechanical experience to check and detect faults or damages that the car must have experienced in the hands of the original owner. As such, a VIN check website has been developed to help potential used car buyers to make the best decision without losing their money to buying a faulty car. A VIN check website will help you uncover the true history of a used car. All you need to do is to enter the VIN number of the used car into the website to decode the true state of the vehicle.

Every vehicle, whether old or new, has a unique vehicle identification number (VIN) assigned to it by the manufacturer. Decoding that number using a VIN check website will tell you so many things about the car’s registration, type of title, insurance type, and whether or not the vehicle has been involved in an accident or damage, while it was still with the original owner.

Today there are so many VIN check websites available on the internet however not all of these websites are created equally. Some of them are different in terms of course and the accuracy of the information that they provide to potential used car buyers. To get the best deal and to also achieve great value for your money, it is important that you look for the best VIN check website that will take care of your car buying needs.

Ahead, you will learn what a VIN number is and how to use VinPit to decode a vehicle VIN number before making a purchase.

What Is a VIN Number?

A VIN or vehicle identification number is a code that is printed on every vehicle. It comes in 17-character, consisting of both alphabets and numbers without any space. Each section of the vehicle identification number gives a clue to the car in question, including the manufacturer, model type, country of origin, as well as the factory it was manufactured in.

It also provides information on whether or not the car has been recalled. Manufacturers of automobiles usually print this number in strategic positions, so that potential car buyers can look for the number, verify and decode the number on a VIN check website to determine the true state of the vehicle.

VinPit: The Free Way to Check Your VIN Number?

VinPit is a leader in the VIN check industry. It offers a genuine way for potential car owners to check the history of a car before making a buying decision. With VinPit, you can check the history of a vehicle, motorcycles, as well as other moving engines. When you provide the vehicle identification number of a used vehicle on the VinPit website, you are sure to get a detailed report of the vehicle, including the vehicle’s distance covered, odometer readings, model type, and estimated market value.

VinPit boasts of a reliable and responsive customer care team. When you find it difficult to decode the VIN number of your vehicle, you can always contact the customer care team for immediate and prompt resolution. VinPit report is 100% accurate, as you will get a genuine report of a used car before making a buy order. It accesses a lot of information, including a vehicle’s theft record, maintenance history, real mileage, and whether or not the vehicle has been recalled by the manufacturer.

Why Use VinPit For Vin Lookup?

Vehicle information

A simple VIN check on the VinPit website will give you important data about the vehicle you intend to buy: type of fuel and fuel consumption, its engine capacity, and model number. The report will also tell you the weight of the vehicle and the vehicle’s current price.

Database of stolen vehicles

If the car you intend to buy is a stolen car, and the original owner of the car or seller refused to divulge this information to you, a simple VIN check on VinP will indicate whether the vehicle is stolen or not.

Manufacturer Recalls

Some vehicles in circulation are having serious manufacturing defects. Some manufacturers have placed recall status on such vehicles, but some car dealers will not reveal this information to you because they want to make money. The only way to identify a vehicle that has been recalled by the manufacturer is to carry out a VIN check on the VinPit website.

Last Inquiries

This feature will tell you the last time a VIN check was carried out on a vehicle. This will enable you to know the particular person that was interested in buying the same vehicle you want to place an order for. Plus, you will also know the exact reasons why the person did not buy the vehicle.

Vehicle equipment

A VIN check on VinPit will reveal the original equipment that the vehicle came with. This will help you determine whether the seller or dealer has replaced important parts of the vehicle with cheaper alternatives. For instance, you can determine whether A/C, audio system, airbags, and mirrors have been replaced.

How To Use VinPit

VinPit can be used in two ways to verify the true state or condition of a vehicle. The two ways include checking by vehicle model and by the state the vehicle was manufactured.

Below is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to check a used vehicle’s VIN number:

Step 1

Search for the used vehicle’s VIN number and record it on a sheet of paper. You can get the number by checking the owners’ manual.

Step 2

Visit VinPit official website using any browser of your choice.

Step 3

Enter the VIN number you wrote down on a paper in the space provided on the VinPit website. Then wait for a few seconds for you to get the history of the vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the chassis number the same as the VIN?

In some countries, the vehicle identification number can be used interchangeably with the chassis number. We have seen instances where a vehicle does not have a chassis number, but a VIN number is clearly printed on strategic parts of the vehicle.

Do I need to check the VIN of a used vehicle before buying?

Of course, checking the VIN number of a used or second-hand vehicle will save you from the stress of always taking the vehicle to the mechanical workshop. The single act of checking the VIN number will reveal the true state of the vehicle that the original owner or seller may not want you to be aware of.

Can I look up a Mercedes VIN for free?

Absolutely, you can. VinPit doesn’t charge a token for looking up the VIN number of a Mercedes vehicle.

How accurate is the VIN information?

The VIN number is 100% accurate, provided it has not been faked by the seller. Using a genuine VIN number will reveal the true history of the used car you intend to buy.


The first step to take when you are ready to buy a used or second-hand car is to check the true state of the car using a platform like VinPit. The VinPit website gives %100 accurate data that you may not get anywhere else. When you use the VIN number to check on our website and you do not get a match for the vehicle, keep in mind that the VIN number may have been forged or fake by the seller, and you should not buy such a vehicle.

A simple VIN check on our website will reveal every formation you need to know about that vehicle, including the car’s market value, warranty information, accident history, maintenance record, as well as fuel efficiency. All you need is an internet-enabled device and a strong internet connection.

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