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It appears that Kim Kardashian is yet in another controversy, and it’s only the beginning of the new year. This time, however, the issue has nothing to do with her appealing photos or her relationships but with a lawsuit filed against her for alleged false crypto advertising.

It appears that Kim isn’t the only one, though, as professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also another key player in the case. Both celebrities were accused of creating misleading promotional content about crypto, which many believe to be a scam.

Deceptive Ads for EthereumMax

According to recent reports, the lawsuit that Kim is involved in notes that the company manager of EthereumMax deluded people using false advertising on popular social media platforms such as Instagram. Details of the lawsuit indicate that the company created advertising packages that hid the actual value of EMAX, the network’s native token.

EthereumMax is a crypto company that offers ERC-20 tokens and supposedly secure transactions. CoinMarketCap states that the company’s native token, EMAX, is now only worth $0.00000001716 after losing more than 2%.


Floyd Mayweather Jr. is also involved in the lawsuit for promoting EthereumMax during a fight in 2021. However, he confessed that the company paid him approximately $30 million for the promotional campaign.

As for Kim, she posted the advertisement for the crypto firm back in June 2021. According to reports, the influencer, model, and socialite used Instagram to promote EMAX to her followers.

Legal Trouble

Now, Kim is going through some legal trouble, thanks to EthereumMax. The complaint states that they offered improper publicity, where the parties involved were tricked while the company’s executive reaped high rewards. So far, neither Kim’s nor Mayweather’s representatives have commented on the ongoing issue.

If the complaint against Kim is proven to be accurate, this means she’d find herself in even more trouble since all she did was accept payment from EthereumMax. Not only that, but this entire situation could cause severe image problems for the model. If she tries to participate in any other crypto advertising, it could cause a deluge of people to send hate in her direction.

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