King of Fighters 15 Releases New Trailer Featuring Benimaru Nikaido

King of Fighters 15 has been releasing character trailers in preparation for the game’s 2021 launch date. The most recent trailer features one of the game’s most seasoned veteran Benimaru Nikaido as well as his signature electrokinetic moveset.

While Benimaru was confirmed as a King of Fighters 15 combatant via a teaser trailer back in December, this footage officially reveals his Raijinken punch and his Flying Drill kick. The trailer focuses on the character’s fast-paced fighting style that has made him a formidable competitor since his debut in the franchise’s first entry, The King of Fighters ’94.


Though his soaring hairstyle and moveset are a familiar sight, his Hero Team allies might come as a bit of a shock. Developer SNK has always split its characters into teams, usually decided by geographic origins as well as different team motivations.

Benimaru is most frequently found fighting along the side of franchise staples Goro Daimon and Kyo Kusanagi on the Team Japan. However, the end of the video reveals that Benimaru will be joining Shun’ei and the recently featured Meitenkun on Hero Team. It is shocking to see Benimaru get separated from his typical comrades, possibly foreshadowing events in the upcoming game’s story.

Little is still known about King of Fighters 15 aside from a few characters and the art direction. The only detail known about its launch is it will be some time this year. During the first official character reveal trailer for King of Fighters 15, Eisuke Ogura, the game’s creative director, mentioned that the game “will differ greatly” from the previous games and that this installment will be SNK’s “most ambitious KOF yet.”

The secrets behind this team shakeup will have to wait until the game is released later this year. Fans should keep an eye out for more character reveal trailers, as they can provide more certainty surrounding the mysteries of King of Fighters 15 teams.

Christian Allen Tandoc
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