National Data Base and Registration Authority is the abbreviation of NADRA. It Is an independent autonomous institution under the control of the Secretary of the Interior of Pakistan, to regulate the database of the government, it statistically manages all of the people of the confidential registration database of Pakistan.

It was founded on 10 March 2000 and its headquarter located in Islamabad, under the jurisdiction of Pakistan.

Top 6 Benefits of Getting a NADRA Card Online

  • Free visa entry to Pakistan (no visa to visit Pakistan passport or Pakistan)
  • Vote as a Pakistani citizen.
  • All Pakistanis enjoy protection rights.
  • Full recognition as a regular Pakistani citizen.
  • Full rights to Open bank account in Pakistan.
  • Sign up in a machine-readable passport (MRP).

If you are a Pakistani citizen you can apply to SNICOP when you fall into one of the following categories:

  1. A smart national ID card or SNICOP for overseas Pakistanis is issued to facilitate the Pakistani expatriate. This card is an identification card that can be used in place of the Computerized National ID Card (CNIC) or Shanakhti Card.
  2. Immigrants or employed abroad
  3. Dual Nationality. Where the Government of Pakistan has duality agreements (scroll to the “Dual citizenship” heading when the new page opens).
  4. You have a foreign resident or immigrant visa or equivalent visa/permit, permit, or status.
  5. Intended to reside or stay abroad for more than 6 months and not included in any of the categories defined above under a, b or c. The following people are also included in this category:
  6. Dependents: Workers of dependents that accompanied the workers/foreign country in which he is employed by overseas immigrant /foreign.
  7. OPF Members: Members of OPF (Overseas Pakistan Foundation) are also included in this category.
  8. Other: Business, visit, or other to advance or residing in foreign countries all other people.

Who is Eligible for SNICOP?

  • Immigration / Overseas Employment: Pakistani citizens who are “immigrants” as defined by the 1979 Immigration Ordinance and are required to register a foreign service contract, contract, or employment letter with their immigrant guardian.
  • Dual citizenship: If you are a citizen of Pakistan who holds both Pakistan and foreign citizenship/nationality and you have proof of such citizenship/nationality where the Government of Pakistan has dual nationality agreements.
  • Resident/immigrant visa holder: Resident or immigrant visa, or equivalent Pakistani citizen holding a foreign visa/permit, permit, or status.
  • Foreigners who reside or plan to reside: Pakistani citizens who plan to reside or reside abroad for more than six months and are not included in the categories defined in paragraphs a, and b, and c above. The following persons are also included in this category.
  1. Dependents: Dependents of migrants/workers employed abroad/workers traveling abroad.
  2. OPF members: Members of the OPF (Overseas Pakistan Foundation) are also included in this category.
  3. Other: Any other person who expands or resides abroad for business, visits, or other purposes.

The above blog will help you understanding the NADRA card and also benefits associated with it along with eligibility criteria