Reward yourself with something you love. Technology products are on sale now on Newegg. 

Among these are the Lenovo Lecoo C8 smart glasses. 

Smart sunglasses are different from ordinary sunglasses because of their features. 

The Lenovo Lecoo C8 smart glasses use Bluetooth 5.0 wireless transmission technology. The transmission speed is breakneck, and the sound quality is not damaged. 

Furthermore, its high-quality dynamic drive unit presents the most beautiful sound quality, balanced sound effects, and powerful bass. 

These Bluetooth glasses also support voice assistant functions, thereby reducing cumbersome operations. 

There are also the multi-layer coating TAC polarizing lenses, isolation of ultraviolet rays, and dazzling and reflected light, protecting the eyes from harm. 

The Lenovo Lecoo C8 offers effective isolation from solid light and does not get damaged by it; it provides a clear vision.

Its ergonomic design is ideal for comfortably wearing, and despite these features, it is lightweight like your ordinary glasses.

Choose from these awesome colors: Black, Blue, and Red

It weighs 31 grams.

Newegg customer Ace W. said they are good for what you are spending. 

They wrote, “They connect via Bluetooth real easy, they’re not obviously sunglasses with speakers in them. You can take calls on them and honestly, if you just need a pair of shades, well, these ones make sense given the price, and as a bonus, you can play music on them while you chill.”

Other customers say they are a great product and received excellent customer service from the seller. 

There are sunglasses. Then there are smart sunglasses. Have you ever worn one? If not, this is the time you should own a pair of smart sunglasses.

Check deal here.

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