Loopring and EOS have both had a precarious ride on the cryptocurrency market. Volatility is a part of most markets and is especially prominent in the crypto world. Massive profits can be made, and fortunes can be lost, finding the currencies that you can benefit from is the art of cryptocurrency trading.

Loopring and EOS can show us the potential returns from investing early in these currencies and holding onto them for an eventual spike. This article will investigate the potential profit that Loopring and EOS could have earned investors with $1000, and the possibilities HUH Token could bring.

HUH Token will be released on the 6th of November as a new opportunity for investors. The returns early investments make are evident throughout the cryptocurrency market. Will HUH Token be the next lucrative crypto? All data for this article will be sourced from CoinMarketCap.

The evaluation of the returns you could have made if you invested are all using the best-case scenarios. Whilst all factual, timing the market perfectly is near impossible. Large returns can and have been made by individuals, this evaluation is meant to be a measure of the potential not likely earnings.

Loopring With $1000

Loopring’s journey began in August 2017. Loopring was in the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) until December 2019, then it was available on platforms for the general public to purchase.

Loopring’s all-time low price was $0.01986, meaning that $1000 would have bought an investor just over 50,000 Loopring tokens. Selling these tokens at the peak market price of Loopring, which was $3.727, would have generated an investor returns of approximately $180,678.

Some investors are not willing to wait years for an investment to turn a profit. Even if you were to buy Loopring in July 2021, just a few months ago, and sell at its recent high price you would have made around $19,000.

EOS With $1000

EOS peaked much earlier in its lifespan than Loopring. However, this does not mean that it hasn’t produced profits for short-term investors.

At an all-time low of $0.4802, $1000 would have resulted in slightly over 2080 coins. Selling these coins at a market high of $22.89 would have made investors a profit that exceeds $47,000.

Even when examining the last year, investors who bought in December 2020 and sold in May 2021, would have made roughly $6000.

HUH token With $1000

Whilst Loopring and EOS have already been established on the marketplace for a while now, HUH Token has yet to be released and therefore a definitive return cannot be calculated.

HUH Token is in a unique position as it has declared itself a ‘utimeme’ token, providing the advantages of both a utility and meme cryptocurrency. This will attract multiple types of investors who believe in the longevity of the coin and the resilience of a community that normally surrounds meme currencies. Just as Shiba Inu and other canine cryptocurrencies have communities support them. As multiple currencies before it, HUH Token will likely benefit from a huge influx of investors once it is available for purchase by the public on PancakeSwap and Uniswap.

Sudden rises and multipliers of 1000 occur more often than many think, so HUH Token could potentially follow a trend as astronomical as Shiba Inu or a more commonplace increase. With features such as dual currency distribution, a unique referral system, and bonuses for those who join the pre-sale (25% additional tokens and a free NFT), a $1000 investment could result in over $100,000 soon after release.

The Verdict

Although the HUH Token prediction may sound implausible, an examination of Loopring demonstrates that it is entirely possible. While it took Loopring much longer for a larger price increase, the cryptocurrency scene was not as popular as it is today.

With more investors looking for new opportunities, rapid growth is more commonplace in the crypto market. Loopring, EOS, and HUH Token still have and can continue to provide excellent returns for profits.

What is often clear is those who are early to an investment will more often benefit the most.

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