Over the last decade, cryptocurrencies have consolidated themselves as one of the major investments in the market. Due to their high volatility, digital currencies attract a very diverse audience. And the good news is that the market offers promising cryptocurrencies, some of them at a low price. Of course, there are no guarantees of profit in any investment. Therefore, it is necessary to know the segment well before investing in it.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most promising low-cost crypto coins with potential.

1. Tamadoge (TAMA)

Unlike its predecessors, the Tamadoge cryptocurrency meme is anticipated to push the boundaries of the gaming industry to deliver a game that people will enjoy in every manner conceivable. Tamadoge’s project promises the creation of Tamaverse, a universe where users can play games and earn money. This is an interesting feature that makes Tamadoge one of the promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

2. Lucky Block

Lucky Block is an online gaming platform built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Using blockchain technology, its goal is to offer more transparency in the gaming sector. The Lucky Block (LBLOCK) digital currency is used on this platform.

LBLOCK can be purchased as a form of traditional investment because it has high volatility.

Another interesting feature of Lucky Block is that the platform has been investing in NFTs, a segment with a very promising future. This feature is another determining factor that will contribute to the success of the platform and the rise in the value of its currency.

Defi Coin

The idea of “decentralized finance,” or “DeFi,” is getting more popular. The DeFi ecosystem started up in 2015 to make financial services less centralized. The introduction of their native currency called the DeFi Coin (DEFC), and the platform’s low fees, make DEX DeFi Swap one of the more promising cheap cryptocurrencies to buy. It is indeed a valuable asset that every crypto investor should keep an eye on.

3. Avalanche (AVAX)

Since 2021, AVAX has been one of the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the market. This is a strong sign that the coin’s future is very bright. It grew by 2,787% just in the past year.

On the Avalanche network, AVAX is the digital currency that is used. This platform is seen as a competitor to Ethereum, as it focuses on smart contracts, DeFi, and the building of DApps. It is without a doubt that the future of AVAX looks promising, and it’s one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

4. Solana (SOL)

Solana isn’t just one of the well-known cryptocurrencies on the market, but also one of the most promising for the future. Just like the Avalanche network, Solana is another competitor to Ethereum. It started to gain traction last year and has become very popular. In the past year, the coin’s value has gone up by an amazing 10,000%.

Solana’s network is one of the most promising for investors because it has low transaction fees, and it stands as a cheaper alternative to Ethereum.

5. Ripple (XRP)

Many analysts consider Ripple (XRP) to be the successor of Bitcoin because it was built by former Bitcoin engineers to enhance performance. The primary purpose of Ripple is to connect banks, payment providers, and digital asset exchanges, allowing for quicker and more profitable worldwide payments.

Ripple, like Bitcoin, is a secure system in which only the sender and recipient have access to the information and the decryption code.

In terms of adoption, XRP is one of the best cheap cryptocurrencies today to consider investing in.

6. Cardano

Cardano is a highly functional third-gen cryptocurrency that was launched in 2017. The currency promises to allow people to send and receive payments securely and anonymously. It is a blockchain protocol that has been getting a lot of attention lately. The crypto project has been attracting developers and entrepreneurs to its ecosystem, with the demand for decentralized application (DApp) builders continuing to grow across the world! Cardano is also working on a debit card so users can easily spend their coins. With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies, Cardano is indeed one of the cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

7. Battle Infinity (IBAT)

IBAT is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies of 2022, due to the rapid rate at which the metaverse is growing. Interestingly, this is what the Battle Infinity platform uses as its official currency.

Battle Infinity platform focuses on fantasy battle games and sports that are mixed with the metaverse. The good news here is that IBAT is still on pre-sale, and the price is still very reasonable. Suresh Joshi, one of the co-founders of the platform, says that the currency is expected to increase by up to 100 times. If this turns out to be true, it will be a great deal for people who want to invest in one of the promising cheap coins on the market.

8. Sandbox

Sandbox is a virtual world in which its users can buy digital parcels of land, create experiences on them, interact with other people, and, in short, live in the virtual world as though we are in the real world.

Of all the cryptocurrencies of the metaverse that currently exist, Sandbox has obtained millions of dollars of investment and has attracted dozens of companies willing to collaborate in the project, some as well-known as Atari, Adidas, and Warner Music.

It is without a doubt that Sandbox is one of the cheap cryptocurrencies to buy.

9. Tron

A non-profit group started the blockchain-based, decentralized digital platform Tron in 2017. Before it moved to its own blockchain network, Tron was an ERC-20 token. This migration is important because it means that vulnerabilities in the Ethereum blockchain no longer affect it. Tron was also given a lot of room to grow by letting developers make smart contracts for it. This made the Tron blockchain work better and made more people want to buy tokens. The attention they get brings in more investors, which is great for the demand for Tron.

10. Decentraland

Decentraland is a virtual reality platform launched in 2017. The platform allows users to create, experience, and monetize immersive content and applications. It is an ambitious project that aims to create a fully decentralized VR experience placed in the hands of users. The platform uses the Ethereum blockchain to allow users to buy, sell or exchange LAND, the virtual properties of the Decentraland world, using the MANA token.

The MANA coin is a top-tier cryptocurrency and supports the core features of the Decentraland platform. Since it came out, the token has been in high demand, but it took off in 2021 when more companies said they wanted to build a metaverse, including Facebook, which changed its name to Meta.

If the metaverse proves to be as popular as NFTs, this could become the best cryptocurrency token and penny game on the scene. MANA could be among those with the biggest upside potential among the very cheap cryptocurrencies!

Are cheap cryptocurrencies a good investment?

Everything will depend on the coin’s capitalization, adoption, and even community. You will have to evaluate these points, to understand not only where to safely buy cryptocurrencies but also which cheap cryptocurrencies will be worth it.


Investing in cheap cryptocurrencies requires a very detailed study, not only about their appreciation potential, capitalization, and coins in circulation but above all about their adoption and the team that is working on their development. These factors will be the ones that will determine whether the cheap cryptocurrencies you intend to invest in are the best ones or not.

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