Decades ago, traders had to check out the radio, newspapers, or even libraries to know where to invest. They had to ask their brokers to buy the assets they wanted over the phone to make a trade. Nowadays, a few taps on their smartphones is all retail traders need to open market positions and get recent news. The evolution of technology has made it such that what was once a labor-intensive, time-consuming process is now a simple and automatic process that traders can complete on apps.

In terms of providing users with improved tools and resources that make their trading journey smoother, MCI Global Solutions is far ahead of the pack. It is a great choice for retail traders who want modern technology’s most convenient trading services. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the features users get access to when they join this platform.

Features offered by MCI Global Solutions

Mobile Trading App

MCI Global Solutions has an app that offers users access to their brokerage accounts using their mobile devices. The mobile app provides a means for users to enjoy every service offered by the platform without sitting in front of a PC every time. This app greatly simplifies the process of traders keeping an eye on the market and managing their portfolios. Traders can get this app from the MCI Global Solutions website or the user’s preferred app store. With the mobile app and its many easy-to-use features, users can enjoy a smooth service without worrying about whether using another device might affect their trading experience. 

Multiple Deposit Options

To make funding users’ accounts easier and simpler, MCI Global Solutions provides many funding options from which users can choose. The diverse funding methods allow users to conveniently and without stress fund or withdraw money from their brokerage accounts. As many available methods to fund their accounts relate to how much users enjoy using their brokerage accounts, MCI Global Solutions has put a lot of effort into providing flexibility in the funding method the users can use. Users can choose the most convenient method among the platform’s debit cards, bank transfers, and other funding methods available.

Dedicated Customer Service

A major part of customer experience is the customer service offered. Customer service is a strong point of MCI Global Solutions. MCI Global Solutions brokerage makes trading less stressful with a customer service team available at all times, even during the weekends or holidays. Issues like bugs and lagging affecting the users’ trading experience only need to be referred to customer service to be looked into promptly. Traders can contact customer service on the MCI Global Solutions website or some other channel to answer their questions or resolve their problems as soon as possible. The customer service interface is tailored to ensure users are comfortable making inquiries. Customer service is a strong point of MCI Global Solutions.

Diverse Trading Assets

The more assets traders invest in, the more diversified their portfolios are. This diversification puts them in a relatively stable financial position where their portfolios can resist market volatility and price surges. To make achieving this stability more convenient, MCI Global Solutions allows users to access a large pool of assets on its platform. With the availability of this wide variety in a single place, users no longer need to open many brokerage accounts to trade more assets. Traders can trade with a wide range of assets from the first day they join the MCI Global Solutions platform.

Handy Trading Tools

Part of being an experienced trader is familiarity with the various trading tools. The tools traders can use determine how they trade the assets they want. Tools like live charts, buy limits, etc., are very helpful resources that help traders get the outcome they desire from the market. As these tools make life much easier for the trader, MCI Global Solutions has committed to making the best tools available for all its users. Users should use only trading tools they are familiar with when trading live markets. Mastering a new tool should be done on the demo account.

All in All

MCI Global Solutions is an extremely suitable brokerage for traders who want an online broker that provides maximum convenience. Its features have been tailored to make the traders’ trading journey as smooth as possible. Check out the MCI Global Solutions website for more information on this platform. 

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored marketing content.

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