mobile gaming industry trends

Mobile games are available today on all devices, and they are constantly evolving and improving to meet users’ needs. In this review, we will take a look at the latest trends and talk about what, according to experts, will become the main thing for the mobile gaming market trends in 2023.

Releases of AAA Mobile Projects

Genshin Impact has proven to studios that they can create a AAA project for mobile gamers. The Chinese studio HoYoverse was expecting a big success for their project, but the entire industry was impressed by their contribution to the future of mobile gaming.

While Genshin Impact has achieved great success on PC and consoles, it has become popular as a free-to-play AAA game on mobile devices. Unfortunately, Free-to-play is still considered just a hook to download. Mobile game market analysis from developers and journalists showed that Genshin would be the catalyst for the AAA movement on mobile devices and lead to the growth of original AAA games on mobile devices.

Genshin’s opponent could easily have been Diablo Immortal, but the game quickly lost the attention of mobile gamers. Therefore, we are waiting for new announcements of big projects from major studios for 2023.

Game Outsource Studios Activity

game outsource studios

Outsourcing has become the basis for the life of not only indie projects but also large studios. Outsource game development is a simple and cost-effective way to realize the idea of creating a game with minimal costs, which has been actively used for a long time. One of the main advantages of outsourcing is time. The team immediately gets to work and completes tasks by the deadlines, which is a key aspect in an era of a constant stream of new applications and games.

Outsourcing has long occupied one of the main niches in the service sector for game development. The popularity of game art outsourcing companies, whose work can be seen in almost all modern games, will continue for a long time. The reason for this is not only saving time but also the budget.

The benefits of outsourcing have been and remain impressive for several years now: there is no point in denying external teams’ experience and improved capabilities. What raises questions or seems unsolvable will likely find a rudimentary solution in a good game development outsourcing company.

There will be many opportunities for outsourcing. As we mentioned, many studios plan to release AAA mobile device projects. Game outsourcing studios that already have experience working with Genshin Impact, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, or Heroes Evolved will help to do this on time and simultaneously with high quality.

Gamification Is Gaining Popularity

Among other mobile gaming industry trends, gamification increases the value of a mobile application in the eyes of the user. It is most of all aimed at developing commerce and making a profit. In addition, this tool can influence the behavior of the client. Gamification motivates the user to return to the application more often, make purchases, invite friends, complete various tasks, and receive rewards for them.

A large audience uses smartphones for games and communication rather than shopping. Gamification, for example, in eCommerce, can attract new users. A big advantage of mobile applications over web versions, among others, is the ability to turn them into a game easily.

Trending Game Genres

At the end of mobile gaming industry trends, let’s sum up the best gaming trends. Oddly enough, hyper-casual games always take first place among their competitors. In many ways, this was made possible thanks to the TikTok application, in which you can often find funny videos with Helix Jump or Wall Kickers in the background. As always, games in the MOBA and Battle Royale genres share second and third place. By the way, these two genres are also developing opportunities for mobile eSports, which positively affect the mobile gaming ecosystem as a whole.

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