When talking about online betting, it is clear that football is the most famous sport among the bettors. And that is why there are so many market options when talking about this sport. Some bookmakers offer so many opportunities that those who are still getting to know the betting world may even feel a little confused.

However, even with so many possibilities, there are some markets that are really common among the bettors and even the favorites of many of them.

Author Kate Richardson made research and created a list with the five most common betting markets for football. You can check her profile here if you wish.


Certainly the most common market in any sport. It is also known as Final Result, depending on the bookmaker you choose.

In it, all you need to do is guess the outcome of the match. There are three options in football: the victory of the hosts, the draw, or the victory of the visitors. As it is really simple to bet and doesn’t require complicated analysis, it is the favorite of all kinds of bettors, even those who already are experts.

Correct score

This market is usually only for those who like to make a deep analysis and even take some risks. Different from the 1×2 market, here you will have not only to guess what the outcome will be but also what will be the final scoring.

Many people may feel tempted to place their bets on this market as the odds are usually pretty interesting. So for those who don’t know who to make a good analysis, it is always good to search for correct score tips online in order to get some help.

A good idea in this market is to split your bet into different possible results, always focusing on the favorite of the match, and also make a bet on the 1×2 market choosing the team that has fewer chances of winning. That way, you can increase your chances of success.

Double Chance

You know that match in which one team has good chances of winning but a draw wouldn’t be a surprise? Well, this is the case in which the double chance becomes a good opportunity for bettors.

As the name says, you will have the chance to bet on two possible outcomes at the same time. Most bookmakers will offer the victory of a team + a draw, as others will give you the possibility of betting on both teams.

The only downside of this market is the fact that, as the probabilities are higher, the odds are lower. That way, it becomes a little more difficult to make good money with it.

Goals over/under

Maybe the second most famous market on football. In this market, the bettor will have to guess if there will happen more or less than a certain number of goals.

The most common is over or under 2.5 goals, however, in live bets, it is possible to find more options as the goals start happening. For those who are beginners on betting, it is important to understand that, if you bet in the over 2.5 goals market, it will be necessary to have at least 3 goals in the match.

That is why a good way to find good matches to bet on over 2.5 is searching for games in which both teams have chances to score. And that takes us to the last market.

Both teams to score

Known as BTTS, as its name is too big, this market is really simple and many beginners like to bet on it. All you have to do is choose if both teams will find the back of the net or not in a game.

It doesn’t require much analysis and sometimes it may even offer some good odds. It is, however, one of those markets that are not very interesting to bet on live matches.


Of course, you can find many other interesting markets for football matches, like the corner market or the draw no bet, which is also really famous among some bettors. The most important thing is understanding the market you have chosen and also knowing how to make the correct analysis for them.

Of course, even with perfect analysis, it is impossible to guarantee what the result will be like. Football, like any other sport, also counts with some surprises and results that no one could expect. However, the analysis will help you at least choose what is the most probable outcome of a match.

And for those who don’t know exactly how to make an analysis, there are a lot of websites around the internet that explain what to do and even provide tips to those who prefer others to make an analysis for them.

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