Oculus Quest 2 is a standalone virtual reality device that does not require additional purchases. You don’t need to upgrade your PC or buy another game console. It already has everything, and this is the key advantage of Oculus Quest 2. But what about the cons? As for the possible shortcomings of Oculus Quest 2, there may be only some errors that users may encounter.

The trick is that virtual reality is created through the interaction of hardware and software. The complexity of the ongoing processes sometimes leads to unwanted errors. If you’re new to VR and Oculus Quest 2, it will be difficult for you to figure out exactly what went wrong. So, it is time to check out the most common errors and ways to fix them.

What Are the Most Common Oculus Quest 2 Errors?

What are the most popular problems when it comes to Oculus Quest 2? Most users face problems such as:

  • errors during broadcasting;
  • controller detection errors;
  • graphics issues.

This is a general list of the problems, and the solutions to such problems are universal. If we talk about the reasons why such problems occur, the most common are a bad Internet connection, some system issues, and the wrong care. If you need tips regarding such a problem as Quest 2 black screen, you can check out more on Howly’s official website, as this is a problem that many users can face too.

If you are facing one of the problems mentioned above, below you will find simple solutions to get rid of them. There is no need to have any technical knowledge, so even novices will be able to deal with it.

Top Tips to Fix Errors with Oculus Quest 2 and Run VR

So, where to start when it comes to errors? There are some easy tips that can help you to get rid of many bugs.

Replace the Battery

If you are experiencing the issue of one of the controllers not being detected, then there is a need to replace the AA battery. Access is under a removable cover on the front of the controller. The tracking quality of the controller may decrease if the battery is almost completely drained. Therefore, it is better to replace the battery before it runs out. This will help you to avoid such a problem when the controllers are not detected.

Reboot the Headset and Device

A quick restart of the device often fixes temporary glitches in the device software and most issues that users may encounter. The operating system can be unstable and crash at times, so it will need a hard reboot to restore maximum performance.

So, restart your headset. To do this, press and hold the power button until a message about power off appears. Then restart the device you are streaming to. For example, it could be your PC, phone, or smart TV. Try out how everything works.

Renew the Wi-Fi Connection

Extended Wi-Fi sessions can lead to network errors and cause broadcast problems between your devices. As a result, various bugs may occur. An easy way to solve this problem is to end a Wi-Fi session on your device and run it again.

To do this, turn on the headset, go to the universal menu, and turn the Wi-Fi option on or off. Do the same for the device you are streaming to and check if the problem is solved.

Check Out the Network Connection

In most cases, broadcast errors occur when the devices are not connected to the same Wi-Fi network. So make sure your headset and devices use the same Wi-Fi connection if you get an error that is connected to broadcasting.

Reboot a Router

Your router is the end point where you get Wi-Fi. It is quite common for routers to experience connectivity issues resulting in errors while playing. To fix them, restart your modem and see if that fixes the error. If the problem is not solved, log into your router and select other network ranges in the router settings. After that, connect the headset and your device to the same network.

Switch From Wi-Fi to Cellular Connection

Cellular data is generally slower than a WiFi connection, and you can use it to broadcast from your headset to your device of choice. Hence, you can try switching your device and headset’s internet connection from Wi-Fi to cellular data. This can help to get away from many bugs. Hence, the Wi-Fi connection offers smoother and faster streaming.

Headset Maintenance Tips to Avoid Problems

After we are done with the most common problems with Oculus Quest 2, let’s pay attention to the issue of its care. Proper care of your headset is extremely important as it can affect your gaming experience. Beginners often make a lot of mistakes regarding hardware maintenance, which can further affect how the game will be displayed and how long the hardware will last.

Avoid Sunshine

Direct sunlight is harmful to the headset in every way. First, it won’t work properly outdoors, especially on sunny days. In addition, exposure to direct sunlight creates the risk of permanent damage to the headset. Direct sunlight hitting the lenses can intensify and burn out screen pixels. This can cause noticeable and irreparable damage.

Never wear the headset in direct sunlight or store it outdoors where it may be exposed to direct sunlight. It is best to store your headset in a closed case to keep sunlight out of the lenses.

Avoid Dust On Lenses

If you store your headset outside of the closed case, dust will accumulate on the lenses. This creates a risk of damage during cleaning. Dust particles rubbing against the glass will cause irreparable minor scratches, causing discomfort when using the headset. Therefore, it is recommended to store the device in a secure case.

Use Microfiber Cloth

Sometimes you may want to quickly clean your lenses with the hem of your shirt, but this is not the best idea. The proximity of the lenses to the eyes will make even slight spots or small marks on their surface very noticeable. In the virtual space, even small scratches will turn into huge defects.

The only recommended way to clean lenses is to use a microfiber cloth. It is not recommended to use alcohol-based lens cleaning wipes, which are used to clean the lenses of ordinary glasses, since they can cause serious harm, which will further affect your gaming experience.

Wrapping Up

Use the above tips to quickly get rid of many of the problems that users may encounter with Quest 2. Pay attention to the maintenance issue of the headset and enjoy virtual reality for as long as possible.

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