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Considering the statistics of individuals involved in online gambling in Australia, over 80% of the adult population was collated. Online gambling is prevalent in Australia, and the surge in number attained a new extreme level during the pandemic and has since retained its status afterward. 

Individuals are now open to gambling online on platforms such as the WinSpirit casino. For context, Aussies can access the best gaming for real money opportunities at This article will address the most popular casino games among Australian punters.

Top Casino Games among Aussies

The list given below is in no particular order. However, we shall address five casino games found to be the most played in Australia. They include:

1. Online Pokies

Online pokies could be rated as the most popular online casino game in Australia. Aussies mostly drift towards pokies, rather than any other casino game, either online or offline. These online pokies range from classic plays to extremely large mega ways, and lastly to progressive jackpot pokies.

One of the biggest reasons why players love online pokies would be the thrill that comes with them. You never know when you are about to lose or hit the jackpot. Aussies will find some of the best online pokies on WinSpirit casino.

2. Online poker

Another exciting and popular casino game in Australia would include Online Poker. However, unlike slots, this game is less dependent on luck and more on skills and knowledge of the games. 

There are several variations in online casinos when it comes to Poker. You can find the best poker games on the WinSpirit online casino. To learn more about the rules of the game, you can also try out the demo versions. The variations on this platform would include Trey Poker, Texas Hold’em Poker, and much more.

3. Online Blackjack

Besides being a trendy game in Australia, Blackjack also ranks as one of the oldest casino games. Unlike most other table games, players compete against the live dealer representing the house.

Players have to learn the rules of the game to compete. Likewise, demo versions are available for tryouts on WinSpirit online casino. Here, you get to play for free without expending any real cost.

4. Online Roulette

This game is a better fit for punters new to casino gambling. Before the roulette wheel stops spinning, you must guess and place a bet on where the white ball lands.

The game is reliant on the luck of players rather than skill sets. The rules of the game are also easy to learn. Find the best game variations on WinSpirit casino, including European Roulette and Roulette Pro.

5. Online Baccarat

This scintillating game is rated as the fastest-growing casino play in Australia. The game is more straightforward regarding rules, and beginners can quickly adapt to the methodologies of this game. 

Aussies can find the best variations of Baccarat games on WinSpirit casino. The odds on these games are usually high, likewise the payouts. There is a pretty good chance of winning big.

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