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Time, money, and laughter are valuable things you trade when you decide to move. The only way out is to plan early. Hiring reputable shippers and packing may be the first things that come to mind when preparing in advance, but they are not the most essential. The first step for every successful move is to gather the best materials and supplies to make the transit as smooth as possible. 

1. Materials for packaging

As the big day rolls around, it means your attention will be divided unevenly into various tasks, which may increase anxiety and stress. Before moving out, you need to find the supplies to help you organize your possessions. While most first-time movers focus simply on finding the correct size boxes, the simple truth is that packing supplies are much more than boxes. 

A good packing supplies checklist includes: 

  • Boxes: They come in different sizes and will help you hold your valuable items. 
  • Packing paper: It is used to wrap fragile stuff to prevent them from breaking. It also aids as a shield or support for your delicate utensils. 
  • Bubble wrap: a cushioning tool that prevents crack and other severe damage on your valuable homeware. 
  • Scissors: It is used for cutting tapes and boxes.  
  • Tape: used to seal boxes. It also helps you protect fragile belongings like valuable glass-framed pictures. 
  • Pen and paper: Essential for taking an inventory of all your belongings. 
  • Knife: it’s not just any knife, but a utility knife. Although not necessary, especially if you have scissors, it will help you cut tapes and paper, exactly like the scissors. 
  • Heavy-duty trash bags: This bag is used to store dirty and unwanted items. 
  • Marker: an essential tool that helps you label your boxes. 
  • Colored stickers: They are not necessary. However, they come in handy if you fail to get a marker, pen, and paper for labeling. Colored stickers also serve as a labeling tool to organize items. 

2. What you may need to move

Like how you need supplies to pack your homeware, you will also need some essential gear during the move. Your moving supplies checklist must include:  

  • Rental truck: An essential gear for people planning to take the Do-It-Yourself route. Renting a truck means you have the logistics needed to ship your belongings to your new apartment. 
  • Furniture pads: these will provide extra padding for your valuable furniture to prevent them from scratches, cracks, and possible breaks. 
  • Blankets: this device helps protect your large furniture and mattress from external conditions. You never have to worry about dirt or moisture soaking into your large home fixtures with blankets.
  • Cargo straps are also called safety belts because they lock your possessions in the truck, so they don’t move around on the road. 

3. Materials for heavy lifting

Lifting and carrying heavy items is not easy, and that’s why you will need heavy-lifting equipment to come to your aid. The perfect move-in supplies checklist for heavy lifting includes: 

  • Moving Ramp: It helps you push your large equipment from the floor in the moving van. 
  • Dollies: a device designed with small tires to help you wheel your belongings to the truck. 
  • Lifting straps: this equipment will align the weight of your cargo so that you can easily lift large fixtures. 

4. How to choose the right packing materials for your move? 

Now that you know every item that can help with your packing, moving, and heavy lifting tasks, it’s time to find out which is necessary for your move. The simple fact is that you won’t need all of these supplies. If you do buy them without considering their use or application, you risk wasting money. 

Here’s how to select spot-on packing materials for your specific needs. 

  • Pen down every item you intend to move

From delicate homewares to valuable heirlooms and large furniture, creating an inventory list will let you know what supplies will meet your specific needs. 

  • Draw up your supply list

Once you figure out where you will live, the next step is to create your supplies inventory. This supply list won’t only tell you the materials to purchase. It informs you of how many you should invest in so that you wouldn’t have to run back to the local hardware store when you run out of one.

  • Gather high-quality boxes

Every box won’t have identical quality. The simple reason is that they are not produced by the same manufacturers and do not follow the same production techniques and specifications. If you are getting free boxes from friends, family, or local hardware stores, make sure that the boxes are solid and can hold heavyweight items. On the other hand, if you plan to buy new boxes, don’t go for cheap ones. While cheap can save you money, it can also cost you more money if the box is not sturdy enough to carry large items. 

6. Packing Tips

We’ve listed some of the best supplies to help you get your move-in shape. Next, we will cover some hardcore packing tips that will save you time and stress. 

Some essential packing tips to note when creating your new apartment supplies list include: 

  • Planning and maintaining lists: Before packing, plan to stay on track. The best way to achieve this is to catalog every boxed item to stay organized. 
  • Assembling boxes at the exit: after packing each item, put them by the door so movers can easily take them to the van on the scheduled day. 
  • Creating boxes of fitting size: if you’ve got a huge item that doesn’t fit into any box, the best thing to do is to cut out various parts of the boxes and create the desired size to fit your large equipment. 
  • Photograph equipment and electrical connectors: The chances are that you do not know much about electrical connections. Photograph them before dismantling to ensure you set up your electrical functions well in your new home.

Moving is back-breaking, but it can be super easy with the perfect packing supplies. If you are looking for international movers, Chicago offers, visit to find the right shippers for you. 

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