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Many players would agree that roulette is the most iconic casino game created, it looks unique and no other game plays as it does. Roulette as you may know is a table game, it features the famous roulette wheel, and the idea of winning is all about predicting where the ball will land within the wheel. There are many ways to bet with roulette and it is that simple a game.

However, there isn’t just one form of roulette, as you might already know, you can enjoy games of American Roulette, European Roulette, and French Roulette both online and inside of land casinos. But still, the options of roulette gaming stretch far beyond these options and we’re going to introduce you to six of the best.

The Variants of Roulette You Never Knew About

There are approximately 20 different roulette variants online and, in this regard, we found the knowledge of Orla Byrne, who is Editor-in-Chief at BetinIreland.ie, indispensable. She helped us understand exactly how widespread and diverse this game is, explaining that these features are exactly what attracts the majority of players to pages like betinireland.ie/casino/games/roulette.

“In Ireland, roulette is a very common game to play and in general, for many new players looking to experience a casino game, roulette is often the first because of how easy it is to play. We provide free gaming for the Irish market and roulette is one of the most popular options because it presents dynamic gameplay and because of the different variations available to play. Roulette didn’t come to Ireland from Europe or the UK, we picked it up from the US when migration happened back and forth in the late 19th Century.”

So, why are the variants not more well-known? It comes back to supply and demand. Many players do not know of these variants, so the demand isn’t as prevalent as other variant games across the gaming menu online. There is a benefit to this, however, because with few players accessing these games, you stand a better chance of winning real money, especially when it comes to the Jackpot variants!

Must-Play Variants of Roulette

Of the 20-odd variants found online, we present to you six of the best must-play games. Some are odd, some dynamic, and others that for the first time allow you to win a single jackpot from the game.

All games are available online and can be accessed in free demo games at BetinIreland.ie.

Marvel Roulette

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If Superheroes are your thing, then check out this stunning all-action roulette feature based on the comic heroes of Marvel. Developed by Playtech, this roulette jackpot game links to their mega progressive jackpot slot machines. This was a first for the industry that ties slots with table gaming via the same cash prize jackpot feature.

Accessing the jackpot round is done so by landing on the blue bonus pocket of the wheel. This gains you access to the progressive jackpot round that can lead to one of four different jackpot values to be won. A win is guaranteed, but the amount comes down to pure luck. This game is just one of a series of Marvel-based games that Playtech has created. If you wish to enjoy more official Marvel casino games, then you can enjoy Ironman 2 video slot, the Avengers slot, and if you’re more of a DC fan, they also did Dark Knight and The Justice League.

Pinball Roulette

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Yes, this variant of roulette looks as it sounds, and oddly plays as it sounds. This incredible and unorthodox variant of roulette was created by Ash Gaming. They removed the wheel and put in its place a classic pinball because, why the hell not?

Pop, the ball from the projectile feature, just like a pinball machine and watch the ball ping against the bars and pegs, whilst the roulette numbers roll along the bottom of the game, where the ball finally ends up.

It’s definitely an extravagant way of playing roulette, but despite the peculiar nature of it, it actually works as a feature of play. In fact, it might actually add more tension than the traditional roulette wheel.

The rest of the roulette gaming rules and how you can bet still all remain the same.

Age of the Gods Roulette

Where Marvel ends, Age of the Gods continues. This Playtech development gave players another opportunity to win progressive jackpots that were tied in with the whole Age of the Gods slot series.

Betting on the bonus round paid off an amount of 100x the wager placed on the bet and you would also gain access to the four-tier jackpot bonus round.

This is, of course, a feature that is only accessible within online casinos that are able to provide Playtech games and software.

Double Ball Roulette

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Developed by the masters of live game streaming, Evolution Gaming presents us with double ball roulette LIVE! Double the balls, double the fun, and double the chances of winnings. The variant can be played on both the European and American wheels should a player have a preference. The difference being that the American wheels have an extra number, the double-zero.

The gaming rules are the same as traditional roulette, but because two balls are involved, there is a special payout for the player lucky enough to land both balls in the same pocket. Spin and land two balls on the same number and you will get a payout of 1,300 to 1! This is the biggest gaming odd of any casino game or variant ever created!

Multi Wheel Roulette

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If you thought it couldn’t get any crazier then why settle for one roulette wheel when you can have eight of them. This gaming colossus by Microgaming doesn’t hold back and with 8 wheels, players are presented with a fantastic opportunity of landing multiple wins. This variant of roulette is only available in a virtual format, the logistics of this as a real game just wouldn’t be viable with how online live games are streamed and presented. A tip for those that do opt for this game, pick outside bets like color or highs and lows to build your multiple wins.

Lightning Roulette

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Of all the live variants online, this is the most popular, Lightning Roulette. Another creation from Evolution Gaming kickstarted the company’s live game show features, this flying the flag for new gameplay online. The new roulette option is very basic, the game of Lightning Roulette plays like a normal European Roulette game, except that throughout your time gaming, random lightning strikes will add multipliers to certain numbers. The multipliers can reach as high as 500 times the bet placed on the number. It is a gigantic upgrade in odds and has helped this to be one of the most successful live games of all time.

As mentioned, all these games can be accessed via BetinIreland.ie. and we thank Orla Byrne for her time and helping us put this list together of the must-play roulette variants that you didn’t know existed.