NBA 2K21: Best Shooting Badges For Maximum Performance

NBA 2K21 is finally here, carrying with it a slew of young MyPlayers aiming to climb the NBA ladder and leave their mark in The Neighborhood. There are several badges that can make shots go in the basket more effectively in NBA 2K21, and it’s not as easy to sink a big three-pointer or catch a player off the dribble as it was in previous games.

It’s crucial to know that each badge can be picked and leveled up several times. When a badge is selected for the first time, it is given the “Silver” trait. However, after four picks, it will acquire a “HOF” type trait. In NBA 2K21, players may want to level up the best Badges to the hall of fame level if at all necessary.

What are shooting badges and how do they work?

In NBA 2K21, shooting badges can be earned to boost a MyPlayer’s basic skills further. Each MyPlayer will only get a certain amount of badges as their average ranking increases, so players must make wise decisions.

Shooting badges are used to improve a MyPlayer’s skills in mid-to-long range shooting successfully. They are particularly helpful to players who choose to improve their odds of hitting 3-point attempts.

Here are the best shooting badges players should acquire in NBA 2K21:

The improvements to the NBA 2K21’s shooting mechanics take some getting used to, so one way to boost continuity is to use badges. Players will be able to unlock and pick 20+ badges to use in the shooting category in NBA 2K21, particularly when choosing point guards and shooting guards with a focus on marksmanship. Selecting the best ones will assist MyPlayer in producing a high percentage of tough shots and open corner threes.

Range Extender


On all mid-range and three-point attempts, Range Extender provides more distance to a player’s shot range. The numbers of regular and deep three-point shots that are taken have the most of an effect. According to NBA 2K Lab, getting a Range Extender improves the odds of hitting a three-point shot by a large margin, with the Hall of Fame category badge offering the strongest performance.

A player with Range Extender can allow more three-point goals and pull defenders out of the paint. Players need a badge to cope with stricter protection, and defenders will be picking them up further out.

Catch & Shoot


For off-the-ball players, this badge is highly useful. While playing online with other MyPlayers, it’s possible that teammates would try to control the ball a lot. With that in mind, a shooter’s potential to hit short shots off a pass would be incredibly useful.



Jump shots made with a defender closing in earn less of a penalty from a shot contest while Deadeye is equipped. This includes both mid-range and three-point shots and is extremely useful when used in combination with Range Extender. An NBA 2k21 fan checked Deadeye with contested shots and discovered that with each stage of Deadeye, the odds of hitting the shot and getting a green release improve.

Due to the challenge of eluding defenders in NBA 2K21, Deadeye is a must-have talent for reaching shots in MyCareer and other game modes.

Flexible Release


Shot timing penalties for jump shots are minimized with Flexible Release, allowing it easier to knock down attempts even though releasing the ball early or late. This badge is strongly recommended for beginners or anyone upgrading to the current edition of 2K.

Something like Green Machine (additional boost after consecutive excellent releases) could be easier if players are a whiz and getting the shot timing right. On the other hand, Flexible Release can give players more breathing space if they are still having problems with their pacing.

Difficult Shots


High-difficulty shots, including stepbacks, spins, hop steps, and pull-ups, get a shot percentage raise with Difficult Shots. For a player who allows a lot of pull-up shots that they don’t intend to, this is an utter must.

To get more separation from the defender, players need to spin or step back. Players coming off a screen or an errant move don’t really have time to position their foot. This badge performs well when paired with Range Extender to improve the probability of making a deep three in change.

Hot Zone Hunter


This Badge improves the shot percentage for attempts made inside the player’s favorite zone, which is particularly beneficial for players who make attempts from the same position on a regular basis.

Corner Specialist


Since it is the shortest position on the floor from which to take a three-point goal, the corner three is the greatest basketball shot. It’s important to be able to hit these shots on a daily basis if players want to earn a number of goals.

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