New Crusader Kings 3 Update Will Introduce Bar Brawls and Duels

New duels and bar brawls will be added to Crusader Kings 3 in the next update. Despite the fact that the game was released in September, this is just the most recent update. After its release, developer Paradox Interactive has been regularly updating the game for free, with further content expected for 2021.

Crusader Kings 3 is the third installment of the RPG simulator series set in the Middle Ages. Players assume the position of a noble or royal house in a vast domain, managing the lives of their heirs and using resources to defeat warring enemies.

The franchise is popular for its complicated mechanics and bugs and for creating distinct experiences for every playthrough, as one player discovered when their descendants cannibalize and eat the Pope himself.


Paradox Interactive’s latest Developer Diary outlines how these new features will be introduced into the current build, highlighting the new dueling gameplay that fans have been requesting since it was a common feature in Crusader Kings 2.

The new technology would be able to simulate almost every kind of war scenario. According to this blog post, Paradox Interactive has been taking its time to perfect the game’s dueling framework. The team has been focusing on what rules they need to hold in mind when building the system: duels should be dangerous, reusable, variable, character-driven, allow for both skill and imagination, and allow for both roleplay and rollplay. Many of these things were on the developers’ to-do list before implementing the feature.


Dueling will now work with two players facing off in a contest that will be predetermined before the fight begins. Until one character is declared the winner, each character will take turns defending and attacking, selecting the appropriate action in response. Players will engage in bar brawls if they choose to assault any intoxicated patrons; these fights can take place both in the arena and in taverns.

This dueling method can bring a whole new level of difficulty to a simulation that is still very complicated. There are bound to be a slew of warrior-monarchs in the game world who would relish the chance to take to the field and battle their opponents one-on-one. Hopefully, the structures outlined by Paradox Interactive in Crusader Kings 3’s latest patch will not disappoint them.

Christian Allen Tandoc
Christian Allen Tandoc
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