New DayZ Update Includes Major Bug Fixes

Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival game entitled DayZ has recently received a brand-new update, bringing with it not only new features but major bug fixes as well. For one thing, the game has added a Revolver and a brand-new Deagle pistol.

Just like the previous updates, though, Update 1.09 thankfully addresses some annoying bugs across the PC version and consoles. According to the patch notes, the update has over 30 fixes. That’s pretty amazing.

Some of these fixes include the removal of DayZ exploits wherein the game allows you to glitch through collisions. Visual problems have also been dealt with, such as the bug where running vehicles damage your character even though they’re not moving, as well as fish floating above the ground.


Version 1.09 didn’t only having bug fixes, though – it also had some tweaks and changes that improved the game as a whole. For one thing, the textures for several buildings and various props have been improved and updated.

In addition, new characters now have the chance to spawn with damaged gear. Also, Bohemia Interactive ensured that the loot in Chernarus and Livonia stays active longer.

These are only some of the changes and fixes made on Update 1.09, but you can check the complete list over here as well as their blog post regarding the update here. Sadly, the pandemic has caused the development team to push back their initial plans of releasing five major updates this year.

However, the company still plans to release Update 1.10 sometime in November, so you definitely have that to look forward to.

DayZ is currently available to play on multiple gaming platforms such as the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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