New Far Cry 6 Story Trailer Delves Deeper At Dani Rojas and Anton Castillo

Gamers are nearing the end of the year, which means a slew of triple-a titles are on the way. Those anticipating Far Cry 6, unquestionably one of the year’s most anticipated games, were given to a new story trailer at Gamescom, which provided more information about the game’s antagonist, Anton Castillo, and protagonist, Dani Rojas. Of course, the trailer revealed additional details about Far Cry 6’s plot.

The teaser begins with Anton Castillo being questioned by a news crew about some of the events that occurred in Yara throughout the plot of Far Cry 6. Castillo appears to have created Viviro, a cancer cure derived from tobacco plants, through slave labor. Castillo appears to be hell-bent on restoring Yara’s “paradise,” regardless of the human cost.


In addition, the video indicates that Anton Castillo was a slave who was compelled to work for 15 years. Castillo was imprisoned at the age of 13, the same age as his son, Diego Castillo, who will reportedly play a key role in the plot of Far Cry 6. Anton spends the whole of the trailer attempting to convert his son into yet another tyrant, which will very certainly be a recurrent theme in the film.

Dani Rojas, the protagonist of Far Cry 6, is on the other side. Dani has been portrayed as an unwitting participant in the Yara revolution, allegedly joining guerilla troops after watching Anton Castillo slaughtering immigrants on a ship. The confrontation appears to be building up Dani’s reason for assassinating Castillo, kicking off the remainder of the revolution.

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The film then goes into detail about some of the set pieces that players will encounter as they attempt to liberate the island from Castillos’ control, including checkpoint attacks, a helicopter fight, and more. Far Cry has always been dramatic, but it appears that Ubisoft is going even further into the mayhem and devastation this time around.

It’s only natural for the developer to do so, given that Far Cry 6 will be the first game in the franchise to be released on PS5 and Xbox Series X. Beyond that, the guerilla warfare scenario appears to be more open to large-scale clashes than past editions, which might be a welcome change. Yara will also contain urban settings, which is a first for the series. Those metropolitan environs will definitely provide fresh pathways for disorder, which should complement the story aspects wonderfully.

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