New ‘Final Fantasy 16’ Twitter account surfaces online

A Final Fantasy 16 placeholder account on Twitter has been the talk of the internet yesterday. This could mean that Square Enix could be reserving the username for the next title for its successful JRPG franchise.

Final Fantasy 16 Twitter account

As of writing, the Twitter account is still locked which means all of its tweets are hidden to the public. The username of the account is @FF16_JP which follows the series naming conventions on a few of its social media accounts. However, not all games follow this naming convention such as Final Fantasy 15’s Twitter name – FFXVEN – which uses Roman numerals and doesn’t have any underscores.


But in the case of Final Fantasy 14’s username – FF_XIV_EN, the underscores don’t indicate that the account would be fake. It is worth noting that that the username registered also uses a Roman numeral as opposed to 14. In addition, FF16_JP utilizes 16 in its numeric form which doesn’t absolutely discredit it.

Another placeholder account

A few months ago, a Fable placeholder account also appeared on Twitter and was quickly condemned as a fake. However, there is confirmation that a new Fable game is currently under development by Forza’s studio Playground Games a month after the placeholder account appeared.

According to leaks, Fable’s newest entry in the franchise could integrate MMO-like elements into the game but it has no confirmed release date yet. A Fable game having this featuring would allow players to take advantage of a shared world without compromising the series iconic gameplay experience.

In related news, Naoki Yoshida Final Fantasy 14’s mastermind debunked rumors that he is going to direct the new Final Fantasy 16. Yoshida said on an interview:

“I’m still going to continue being in charge of Final Fantasy 14 for more years to come as long as I don’t die from sickness or accident, so please ignore any non-official announcements. It’s so bothersome.”


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