New Fortnite Subscription Will Give Free Skins, Battle Pass, and V-Bucks

After a probable subscription service leaked a few weeks ago, Epic Games has formally revealed the new Fortnite Crew monthly subscription that will reward subscribers with, the latest battle pass, exclusive skins, and V-Bucks. This new service will kick off next month at the start of the new season.

The new monthly Fortnite subscription service was leaked back in early November as select players started to get emails from the developers containing surveys. These surveys asked them what price they would be willing to spend for the service and discussed what could possibly be included if players opted to buy the monthly Crew Pack.

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While the knowledge of the subscription service became prevalent, the developers hadn’t provided any implication that it was indeed working on any kind of new subscription service. That is, until a few hours ago when the Fortnite Crew subscription was formally revealed.

Epic Games is calling the new service the “Ultimate Fortnite Offer”, and comparing the cost of the items it includes separately, subscribers will be receiving a lot of benefits for a minimal fee. For just $12 per month, players will get 1,000 V-Bucks at the start of each month. They will also be receiving a monthly Crew Pack, which contains a back bling, pickaxe, and exclusive skin. As an additional bonus, subscribers will also receive permanent access to the current season’s battle pass.

The details for the Fortnite Crew subscription do differ a bit from what had been leaked a few weeks ago. The Crew Pack skin was initially revealed as an early access skin set but has been changed as an exclusive skin set that only Fortnite Crew subscribers will receive. When computing how much the benefits would cost separately, the Fortnite Crew pack offers a $38 value for less than a third of the price.


For the loyal Fortnite fans, the Fortnite Crew subscription is an easy decision, especially for those who are planning to purchase the new season’s battle pass as it is only a couple of dollars more expensive than the battle pass itself.

The game is still a powerful force in the gaming industry because of its cosmetic storefront, and the new Fortnite Crew subscription service will likely prove to be another successful form of monetization for the developers. Given Epic Game’s ongoing legal battle with Apple over the iOS Store’s monetization, it appears that the developers are looking for other ways to increase its revenue without involving tedious court battles.

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