New Gameplay Details for The Walking Dead Onslaught Revealed

On the official PlayStation Blog, Survios Inc. and AMC revealed new gameplay details for the upcoming PlayStation VR survival game The Walking Dead Onslaught. Andrew Abedian, who is the project lead for the game, discusses more about what you can expect once the game is released.

The Walking Dead Onslaught is set between Season 8 and 9 of AMC’s TV series. As such, the game is set during a time that’s filled with uncertainty and the survivors don’t really know what to expect for their future.

Abedian then states that they’ve decided to theme the game around the idea of rebuilding their lives after losing so much. This, then, starts with the Alexandria Safe Zone, which is where the leading cast now calls home.


The players will be able to understand each differing viewpoint on a deeper level, as you will be able to swap between the two perspectives.


Not only that, but you will also be able to venture out and collect resources for your newfound home, Alexandria, such as food and fuel. In turn, the community will also grow as the safe zone will be able to host new survivors. As the player, you will receive letters as well as requests from the survivors wherein you have to find specific items, for instance.

You have full control over what you want to do and how you want Alexandria to grow and progress. You can craft different materials that you can use to upgrade weapons in the Armory, or build new structures for the benefit of the community.

Speaking of the Armory, you will find all the weapons you’ve discovered here. In this arsenal, you will be able to explore and experiment with The Walking Dead Onslaught’s different weapons – from the Kingdom’s battle axes to Rick’s revolver.

Of course, you will have to craft these upgrades first.


Last but not least, we have the Standard and Deluxe editions for The Walking Dead Onslaughtwhich Abedian also announces in the Blog post. The digital release will be on September 29, while the physical disc release will follow around October.

That being said, preorders are now available on PlayStation 4, Oculus, and Steam.

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